Milkshake creates a stir

Published on 31 March 2023 at 09:33

Miss Straw Berry Shake shakes things up!

Sometimes cleaning up is very good!

Miss Straw Berry Shake was created because I was cleaning up and organizing my hobby stuff. Sometimes I keep things that I don't know what I'll do with them at the time or that I'll ever do something with. But you never know, right!?!


Crafts and crochet

I really like to combine crafts and crochet, hence my designs such as the Jumping Jack series, Pig in Space and Flowerpot house of Mol and Mouse.


Jars, cups, especially with lids, simply exert a greater attraction on me than other objects. My grandmother always kept the yogurt cups, so it must be a family trait, haha! So once when I was at the McDonald's with my son, I kept the milkshake cup and a clean box of the hamburger (but that doesn't matter now!). I didn't know what I was going to do with it at the time.


While cleaning up, I came across that milkshake cup again. Immediately I knew I was going to make my version of a milkshake: a strawberry milkshake. Complete with a straw that would stick out of the head and a lid on the head.

Crochet pattern Flowerpot house
Pig in Space, amigurumi crochet pattern
Jumping Jack Christmas, the crocheted way

A Strawberry Milkshake

That idea was so "present" in my head that I immediately started working on it. Skeins gathered together and crochet away! But if you put Miss Shake in a closed cup like that, you won't see anything of her body. Fortunately, there are also transparent shake cups. But what I also really enjoy doing is working with napkins. I had already picked out the napkins. At a local store I bought the same kind of paper cups (brown checkered) and they also had those nice paper straws. I cut a cup to serve as a mould to cut the napkins to size. I painted another cup white and glued a nice napkin on it. I am very satisfied with the result!


A Milkshake cup covered with napkins is a great home for Miss Straw Berry Shake. She is very satisfied and so am I!

Milkshake cups and straws
Miss Straw Berry Shake, crochet pattern

Miss Melon Shake & Miss Cappuccino

But you can't just make a Straw Berry Shake out of it. My test crocheters have turned it into other tasty drinks! How about a Miss Melon Shake by Martine or Miss Cappuccino by Marion. There are many more variations to come up with.


Marion made the whipped cream on Miss Cappuccino in the following way: set up 50 CH, in each separate CH, 2SC (100), in each SC, 2SC (200)


Do you have any more ideas for making a shake? Leave a comment below!

Miss Melon Shake
Miss Cappuccino

Crochet Pattern Mr. Pop Corn

A very good combination is Miss Straw Berry Shake with Mr. Pop Corn! This cosy and tasty guy is completely at home in his popcorn bowl. His tray is also covered with napkins and partly painted. He has a strand of popcorn in his hand, but his hair is also crocheted with lots of popcorn stitches!


They are very decorative to put down! I just see them as gifts for someone who loves popcorn or milkshakes! But I also spontaneously feel like going to the movies!


If you choose a great movie to watch, I will bring milkshakes and popcorn!!

Mr Pop Corn, crochet pattern

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