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Amigurumi's with a twist. Unique, versatile, surprising and even addictive crochet patterns!


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All patterns are available in English (US terms), Nederlands & Deutsch.


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In May, they say, all birds make nests and are laying eggs. But not Squeek and Tweet. Building their nest takes a long time. Hatching the eggs also takes more time. But if that one egg hatches, they are so happy!! It’s a girl, they have named her Sweet!


The whole family!


Squeek, Tweet & Sweet

Squeek, Tweet & Sweet


Isn't this a lovely family?

Make the whole family with this 3-in-1 pattern!




Pattern in the spotlights


Beach and Sea (or Ocean)


I grew up in Den Helder ( the Netherlands) and I no longer live close to the sea for years now. So occasionally I have to go to the sea; sniffing the sea, hearing the sea and seeing the sea! I love it! So I made my own little Beach and Sea for me at home.


Mr. Franklin Forge Steampunk Elf!

Create your own time!

Mr. Franklin Forge, Steampunk Elf!


He's the reason to start CB's Creations. He likes to talk about his experiences at CB's Creations. He's the first to know all the news about discounts and promotions. Don't miss it, he's got a nice crochet pattern for you! Create your own time!




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