Crocheting is good for you!!

Published on 6 January 2024 at 21:00
Blog: crocheting is good for you

Crocheting is healthy and very good for you!!

Crocheting as a hobby

Do you also get so much satisfaction from crocheting beautiful creations? I probably don't have to tell you anymore that crocheting is a lot of fun! But did you know that crocheting and not only crocheting, but also any other creative hobby, is very healthy for you?


Several studies have shown that practicing a hobby is healthy for you. Then it does not matter whether you paint, model, knit, embroider, crochet or practice another hobby. Creative hobbies and thinking games such as chess and making sudokus and tectonics are good for your memory.

crocheting is healthy

Crocheting is healthy!

In 2017, Maastricht university conducted a survey among 6,000 people. This research has shown that exercising and practicing a hobby makes people happy.

A 2018 scientific study by Australian scientists of 8,000 people who crocheted found that 82% reported feeling happier and 90% felt calmer from crocheting.

The results of the study show that crochet offers many positive benefits for people in terms of well-being!

By crocheting you can relax, it improves your memory and concentration. Crochet also makes you happier and gives your self-confidence a boost! In short: crocheting is a great hobby and very good for you!

crocheting is relaxing

Crocheting is very relaxing!

By being busy with your hobby you lower your stress level. You focus on something fun and not on all kinds of obligations and events from everyday life. No stress and relaxing. As a result, being busy with a hobby also leads to lower blood pressure. The calming feelings can linger for days.

There are many creative hobbies to choose, but let's face it: Crocheting is really the most fun!

Relax with a crochet at your favourite spot with some nice music in the background! Do you already see yourself sitting? Just thinking about it is also relaxing!

Less worrying by crocheting amigurumi's

Crocheting is very relaxing, but did you know that crocheting amigurumi's really leads to more distraction and relaxation?

Crocheting an amigurumi is just a bit more challenging than, for example, crocheting a shawl with a repeating pattern. Because it is a bit more of a challenge, you also have to keep your attention on your crochet work and there is less space left in your head to worry! You can enjoy crocheting to the fullest!

crocheting amigurumi's is good

Improve your memory and concentration by crocheting!

Creative hobbies, such as crocheting, contribute to a better memory and good concentration. By using both hands while crocheting, your brain has to work harder. So it's a good workout for the brain.

By focusing on the crochet stitches and the number of crochet stitches while crocheting, you give your brain a break from all other thoughts and your focus is entirely on your creation.

So find a fun crochet project, grab your favourite crochet hook and yarn and get to work training your memory and concentration! 

Crochet makes you happy and gives you more self-confidence

Did you know that crochet makes you happy and boosts your self-confidence?

If you do something you like to do, such as crocheting, dopamine is released. Dopamine is the happiness hormone that is released during pleasant experiences such as crocheting itself but also when you have finished a crocheted creation.

The more you crochet the better you get, the more different stitches and techniques you will master. The happier you become and the greater your self-confidence becomes!


Be proud of your crocheted creations and show them to friends and acquaintances. Show a photo in crochet groups on Facebook! You will see that others also find your crocheted creations beautiful, handsome, fun, sweet and / or funny! Crocheting is good for your self-confidence!


If you have made your crocheted creation especially for someone else, you also make that other person very happy with it! A win-win situation!

Crocheting makes you happy

Crocheting again?

Crocheting is therefore relaxing, it improves your memory and concentration, you become happier and your self-confidence gets a boost! Those are very good reasons to start crocheting!

So the next time someone makes a comment that you're crocheting again, you can safely say that you're working on your health! Ssst, don't disturb, I'm crocheting!

Relax and crochet

Let's get started!

Find a nice crochet project, find the necessary skeins to use, put on some nice music and relax!


But if you are looking for a new crochet project and you don't know exactly what it shall be?! Except of the fact that you really like crocheting amigurumi's! Then take this Crochet Quiz of 10 questions and find out what your next crochet project will be!

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