Where does all my inspiration come from?
What do I use to create my creations?
The answer can be found in these blogs! Have fun reading!


You really should read these blogs!

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Why do some dolls not have mouths?

As a lover of crocheted amigurumi dolls, you may have noticed that some of these amazing creations don't have mouths. Why is that? I did some research for you. There appear to be several reasons why there are many mouthless dolls in the world of amigurumi and beyond.

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The cutest birds to crochet and to cuddle

Did you know that I have 12 crochet patterns, where either a bird plays the leading role or where a bird is a part? I didn't know there were so many! They all have a special reason why I designed them. Often also a very personal reason.

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Full of inspiration by Fantasy Fest

The reason why I started CB's Creations is Mr. Franklin Forge, my Steampunk Elf, or for his friends, just Franklin. He has had many adventures, alone, but also together with the other family members of CB's Creations.

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Lovely crochet patterns for Easter

If you say Easter, I say Chocolate Easter eggs! As soon as Santa Claus has flown his sleigh back to the North Pole, you can already find them in the shops: Chocolate Easter eggs! Closely followed by chocolate Easter bunnies and other Easter delicacies! I have no problems with that at all, because when I think that I want to take other photos of my Easter creations, these delicious chocolates serve as an extra for a nice photo shoot! If you see me putting Easter eggs in my basket in the store, that's for my crochet creations! ;)

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How do you read a crochet pattern?

Crochet patterns and apple pie recipes have more in common than meets the eye. They are both guides that guide you step by step through a creative process, achieving a beautiful end result. Whether you're crocheting a fun bird or baking a tasty apple pie, the satisfaction comes from following the instructions and watching your work grow as you go.

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Crocheting is good for you!!

Do you also get so much satisfaction from crocheting beautiful creations? I probably don't have to tell you anymore that crocheting is a lot of fun! But did you know that crocheting and not only crocheting, but also any other creative hobby, is very healthy for you?

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My crochet experiences of 2023

It's already the 3rd year that I'm making an overview of the past year in crochet patterns. I think this is a very nice tradition! All the crochet patterns released this year will pass by again and all the other fun things I have done and experienced in the field of crochet! For example, the webshop has been expanded with a number of yarn kits, crochet hooks and stitch markers. This year I was able to meet a lot of nice fellow designers, who were also present at Festivals or at the KreaDoe at Wolplein. You can read all about it in this blog!

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