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Where does all my inspiration come from?
What do I use to create my creations?
The answer can be found in these blogs! Have fun reading!


I started blogging in 2018. In June 2021 I created this website. I am slowly putting all my blogs on this website. Some of my blogs up to April 2021 can still be found on my Dutch website. 

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The nose of the Easter Bunny

Sometimes designing a creation does not go smoothly. Very often I have in mind how I want to make a creation. Nine times out of ten it works out the way I want it to. But that one time it takes a little longer. Then it is often a matter of patience or of starting over again. That was also the case when designing my Easter Wall Decoration. Are you reading along?

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Lovely crochet patterns for Easter

If you say Easter, I say Chocolate Easter eggs! As soon as Santa Claus has flown his sleigh back to the North Pole, you can already find them in the shops: Chocolate Easter eggs! Closely followed by chocolate Easter bunnies and other Easter delicacies! I have no problems with that at all, because when I think that I want to take other photos of my Easter creations, these delicious chocolates serve as an extra for a nice photo shoot! If you see me putting Easter eggs in my basket in the store, that's for my crochet creations! ;)

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Alistair MacFire, Blacksmith and Elf

After having designed a number of smaller creations in recent months, I thought it would be fun to make a somewhat larger creation. That's what Alistair has become. Alistair is not the biggest with his 43 cm, that remains Franklin Forge with his 50+ cm, but if you compare him with Flint or Joy, then he is really a giant!

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Pedr the Viking

May I introduce you to Pedr the Viking? In one of my other blogs I once mentioned that I once wanted to design a Viking. It took quite some time before the idea of a Viking finally really took shape. If there was another idea in my head that wanted to be designed earlier, that idea took precedence! And that happened regularly! 

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Franklin on his way to meet some little elves

Taking walks through our neighbourhood, through the forest, over the heath and along the beach is something I like to do. I am often accompanied by Victoria or Milton James the Goat. If he goes with me, I don't have to bring an extra bag, because everything we find along the way can be put in his bags. Well, it is not the case that we take everything we encounter with us. No, only a very special stone or shell for example. But I have also found an old pipe head. Real treasures!! My collectibles!

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2022: a good year full of amigurumi patterns

It was another very fun and productive design and crochet year! No, not just as productive as the year before, when I published my book Aan de Kust in addition to all my other patterns, but productive in a different way. There are 11 patterns released this year, of which 2 have already been in the crochet magazine Aan de Haak (Dutch Crochet Magazine)

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