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Where does all my inspiration come from?
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I started blogging in 2018. In June 2021 I created this website. I am slowly putting all my blogs on this website. Some of my blogs up to April 2021 can still be found on my Dutch website. 

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Crocheting shoes for your crocheted doll

A shoe or a boot completes the outfit of your crocheted creation. With the shoes and the colour of the shoes you can emphasize the character of your crocheted doll! Most shoes and boots are crochetd right on the leg of the creation, but there are also dolls that have shoes, which you can put on and take off. Often these are also dolls where you can also change the rest of the clothes. My IJsbrand the Bear is a good example of this. You can also turn Ijsbrand into Santa's sidekick.

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8 ways to use stitch markers

Stitch markers are small tools, small objects made of plastic or metal with which you can indicate something in your crochetwork, so that you are less likely to lose count, for example. There are different types of stitch markers. You have stitch markers that can be opened and you have closed stitch markers. The closed stitch markers are used in knitting. As a crocheter you use the stitch markers that can be opened, these have a lobster clasp closure.

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The nicest crocheted beach and sea decorations

If you do not live close to the sea and still want to get the beach feeling in your home, then it is nice to get started with it yourself. I will give you some ideas on how you can make nice decorations for your home with your crocheted creations around the theme of beach and sea.

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Help, there is sand in my crochet work

My husband and I regularly go to the coast. For example, during the summer holidays we sometimes go to the beach for a week. I grew up in Den Helder (The Netherlands) and every year I have to go to the beach and the sea. Just hear, see, feel and smell the sea! But if you've been following me for a while, this is old news!

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Summer captured in a crochet pattern

It's hard to believe, but I thought it would be nice to tell a little more about some members of my CB's Creations Family. And the first one I thought of was my Farmer Hank. It turns out that I already made the pattern of Farmer Hank in 2017! This charming Farmer Hank simply deserves a tribute!

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What makes a crochet along so much fun?

Of course, you as a crochet fanatic know exactly what is meant by a crochet along! But if you haven't been crocheting for that long, you may never have heard of a crochet along. So if you are wondering what a crochet along is when reading the title, I have a nice blog ready for you to read a detailed description of what a CAL is, as it is also called. What is a crochet along?

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New Colours

For me, colour and creativity go hand in hand! Often I already know which colours to choose when I have an idea in my head. I always make a drawing or sketch of a design so I can write the colours down. The basic colours are already known, it is still about the matching colours of, for example, for the shoes or a bag.

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