How to take great pictures of your amigurumi!

Published on 12 September 2022 at 17:11
Blog: How do you take great pictures of your amigurumi?

How do you take great pictures of your amigurumi, just with your Smartphone?

Your amigurumi in the picture

You've just put the finishing touches on an amigurumi crochet pattern you were working on. The last threads of your crocheted creation are hidden away! And what a super fun amigurumi it has become! You are so proud that you would like to take a photo of it and share it on your own timeline on Facebook, on Instagram or in crochet-related Facebook groups. You're absolutely right! It is very nice to show your crocheted creations. I myself always find it very nice to look at the work of others.


You can put your creation on the counter between the groceries and take a picture, but I have a few simple tips for you that will make your photos even more fun and give your creations the photos they deserve. Just with your smartphone!

Tips from Antoinette of AE Photography

When creating this blog I received tips from Antoinette E Pas of AE Photography. Antoinette made the pictures for my Amigurumi Crochet Bookazine Aan de Kust. Her photos of crocheted creations are really great!

Of course, she takes photos with a professional camera, but these tips are especially for taking pictures with your phone, including examples of photos of Antoinette that she made of her creations of my crochet patterns, supplemented with photos that I took myself with my smartphone!

Picture before the photoshoot started
Great picture of Poppy

Inspiration to make great pictures

With these tips I want to inspire you to photograph your amazing creation in a different way! Just like these pictures of Poppy.

Lens and display cleaning

Clean your camera lens with a microfiber cloth, with the same cloth you also clean glasses. If the lens is clean, the photos will also become sharper. Also clean the screen of your phone right away. We can get started!



Focus on the crochet project

Put your crochet creation in the spotlight. Find a nice spot and use some matching accessories, also called props! Keep the background and surface calm, the focus should really be on your amigurumi. Take the time to decide how you want to photograph your amigurumi.


Antoinette grabbed all kinds of props to take a picture of Harrison. With those objects, she will move the props until she has taken the right photo, as you can see below. The under- and background is a yoga mat by the way. This picture was taken inside.

Harrisson Hare before picture
Harrisson Hare after picture!

Take photos indoors or outdoors

If you take pictures inside, try to find a spot or create a spot near a window, so that you have beautiful light. Try to take your photos during the day for the best light and the best quality. Don't take pictures against the light. Also, do not take photos in direct sunlight, that gives hard shadows. Then it’s best to find a spot with a little shade.

You can make a quiet background with, for example, a cloth, a plaid or a piece of paper. Maybe you have a nice piece of wall where your creation can be put in front. Did you know that a yoga mat can also be a very nice background and surface?


In nature there are very nice places to take pictures of your amigurumi. You do not necessarily have to go to a park or a forest, in your backyard or on the balcony you can also take the most beautiful photos.  Also try to leave the focus on your crocheted creation, when taking photos outside. Again, do not take photos against the light and in direct sunlight.

Squeek and Cattery Fra Vesken outside
Squeek with Easter also outside

Squeek is very photogenic! Two great examples of Squeek, along with a kitten from Cattery Fra Vesken that are made outside, without too many extra props.

Create depth in your photos

Do not put your amigurumi too close to the background, so that it almost disappears in the photo.

Keep it quiet around your amigurumi and put a little thing that matches your creation in the foreground to create depth. These small accessories do not come into focus, but you do retain the depth in the photo.

Also play with the heights for a fun effect. Drop to your knees or stand a little higher, try to take a picture from different angles. You get a completely different view of your creation!

On your camera in your phone you can also opt for live focus, then everything around your creation becomes a bit blurrier, try it out, that gives a nice effect!

Two examples of Antoinette's creating depth without too many props.

Squeek on a box
Crochet Pattern Gnome
Making pictures on the beach

For this picture I lay flat on my stomach on the beach!

Photo editing

You can still edit the photos taken on your mobile phone with a photo app such as Snapseed, Ligthroom or with the editing capabilities that your phone has. For example, you can use the tools of your phone to adjust the brightness, sharpness, shadows, etc. But that is very personal and one person likes to do this, the other does not.

You can crop your photos, for example, if there is an edge on it that does not actually have to be on it.


The picture on the right I took of Squeek made by my mother. Floor's nose, my parents' dog is also on it, this is a matter of removing that edge with the curious nose!

Squeek, see the dog's nose below?

Smartphone: Portrait or landscape

Standing or lying down: I'm talking about your phone. Although, if you lie down you get very surprising photos. But all kidding aside, I'm really talking about your phone. Don't always take pictures when you're holding your phone upright. Turn your phone a quarter turn. So you don't get those very narrow photos. See the example of my 2 flamingos on the beach of Den Helder (The Netherlands)!

Faye Flamingo landscape
Portrait Faye Flamingo

Phone still and image sharp

In order not to get moving and blurry photos, it is wise to keep your phone still. An extra tip is to buy a cheap mini tripod and Bluetooth remote control, so you can take beautiful photos everywhere!

You also have more stability, less movement if you use the on/off button of your phone to take pictures.

In addition, it is important that the image is focused. With your finger you tap on your screen, on your creation, so that the camera can focus on your creation, so that it comes into focus.



Prefer not to zoom in

The more you zoom in a photo, the blurrier the photo becomes. It will not immediately stand out on your phone screen, but if you look at the photo on the PC, you will see that the photo is out of focus.

For the most part, the quality of the photo is determined by the number of pixels. The more you zoom in, the fewer pixels you have left, the less sharp the photo is.

It's better to zoom with your feet 😉, so get a little bit closer to your creation!

Rule of thirds

Turn on your phone grid. This can be found under the settings of your phone as guides. A grid consists of 4 lines that are visible on your screen and the screen will be divided into 9 parts. The intersections of the lines are the ideal points to position your creation. This means that your creation does not necessarily have to be in the middle, but the photo may become more beautiful if you place your amigurumi just a little more to the right or to the left. It is a very useful tool.

Grid lines on your phone

Practise makes Perfect

The more often you try to take these kinds of photos, the more you see what a beautiful photo is. Try out all your camera functions. If you master the settings of your mobile phone, you will see that it is also much easier and you take much nicer photos. You can take such beautiful pictures with a mobile phone!

Think out of the box, create your own style and what is very important: have fun taking super photos of your amazing creations!


Take a small crocheted amigurumi creation outside to practice. Flint is very suitable for this, he fits in your coat pocket and will patiently pose for you!!

And he's small enough to make for super fun mushroom photos!

Taking pictures in between the flowers
Flint in a car
Flint and mushrooms

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