The story of Victoria Amber Fleming

Published on 25 October 2022 at 12:09
Amigurumi crochet pattern Victoria Amber Fleming

The story of Victoria Amber Fleming


The story behind the crochet pattern of Victoria Amber Fleming, Franklin Forge's girlfriend, Steampunk Elf. 


Franklin Forge, the start of CB’s Creations.

I think you already know Franklin Forge. He is my pride, the reason I started CB's Creations. After being alone for a long time, I thought it was time for him to have a girlfriend. In 2018 it was time, the arrival of Victoria Amber Fleming, an elderly lady, just like Franklin. She loves the sea and has a thing for keys.  Franklin Forge has followed the entire process of designing and creating Victoria and has reported on this in his own words.

Pssst, I'm getting a girlfriend!

Before I tell you something nice, I will first introduce myself neatly, for the people who do not know me yet.  


My name is Franklin Forge, Mr. Franklin Forge! I am a Steampunk Elf and have been living in a small train station for many years. I absolutely love steam engines and am very fascinated by clocks and time. 


See my pocket watch? This is very dear to me and I received it from the first train conductor of this station. Every day I walk my round to check if everything here at the station is running on time. 


Yes, I  know that I am a creation of Claudia. She tried to apply her modelling techniques in crocheting and that's when I came into being. And I have to say: I am very satisfied with myself. I am also proud of the fact that I am the reason that CB's Creations originated in May 2017. I'm on her profile picture for her Facebook page and on her cards! Nowadays even in a beautifully drawn version!


But do you know what the best news is? I don't really know if I can tell you yet, but do it anyway! I'm getting a girlfriend!!!! 

Pocket watch of Franklin, crochet pattern
Franklin is getting a girlfriend

It is sometimes lonely, so alone at my station, and that is why I am extra happy that I will no longer be alone. I have already seen Claudia lugging around all kinds of cottons, wools etc. I also secretly looked over her shoulder when she was taking notes in her crochet book. I'm so curious! I so hope she is a nice lady! And that she also likes Steampunk a bit. For the time being I have to be patient, but I will keep you informed.

She is so soft!

Between all the other work, which she is also busy with, Claudia is also busy with my girlfriend. I also regularly see her crochet backwards, haha! When she was not at home for a while, I took a look between the skeins.


 I like her colours too! How soft she gets!! Sigh, I can't wait! 

Franklin with some skeins
Franklin with the legs of Victoria

Yes, she has 2 legs...!

It's September 2018, Claudia's youngest son had a scooter accident last week and is now walking with his left leg in plaster, because he broke his ankle. So it was just as hectic here in the house and I saw that Claudia had less time to crochet and design. 


And how ironic, she just made my future girlfriend's two legs! Completely whole, without breakage, haha! 


Just a little longer and then there will probably be a body on top of those two beautiful legs and hands and arms, oh yes and also a head! Did I mention that I can hardly wait anymore?

Holding hands...

Such good news!  As you can see in the picture I was able to hold her hand! I'm kind of blown away by it. Such cute little hands with finger-less gloves. There are such nice arms on those hands. I understand that she still wants to go to the manicure, but I already love it! Little by little, my future girlfriend is taking shape. But waiting takes so long!  


Oh, I'm in love!!

I was able to look her in the eye for the first time today! Oh, I'm in love!

I get a great lady as a friend, I believe I like everything about her, her eyes, her hair and I believe Claudia also crocheted a very nice character during crocheting! I can hardly wait for her to be completely finished! Would she like me?!? I hope so!

Franklin and Victoria holding hands
Franklin with the head of Victoria

My waiting is rewarded!

After many weeks of waiting and always being able to see a small part of my future girlfriend, I can tell you that I have now been able to admire her in full glory! She is in a word AMAZING!


Her hair, her clothes, her nails, just everything I love!! I'm blown away by it. I'm also going to reveal her name: Victoria Amber Fleming!  


Victoria lives in a cottage near the sea. She loves to see, hear and smell the sea! She can often be found at the beach, because you never know what you will find. She always has a bunch of keys with her, handy to open doors and chests, which would otherwise remain closed. She also likes to travel, not only by boat, but also by train. Close to the coast is an old train station that she regularly visits...


It makes me completely poetic and I have written a poem for her.  Before you know it, she's always sitting next to me here on the bench!! 

Franklin onhis bench

Dear Victoria,

A million stars up in the sky

one shines brighter I can't deny

A love so precious a love so true

a love that comes from me to you

The angels sing when you are near

within your arms I have nothing to fear

You always know just what to say

just talking to you makes my day

I love you honey with all of my heart

together forever and never to part.

A happy ending!

If you follow Franklin's stories a bit, you know that he was absolutely right. Victoria can always be found next to him on the bench!  

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Milton James and Cattery Fra Vesken

Nowadays they are also accompanied by Milton James, the Steampunk goat. He loves going out with Franklin. Victoria is very happy with her Cattery Fra Vesken, super sweet kittens sitting in a handbag!

Franklin has his own page on this website: Surprise him with a visit: Franklin Forge

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