Franklin Forge

Franklin Forge enjoying his photo shoot

From crochet pattern to figurehead of CB's Creations

It was a bit to be expected! A whole page on my website for Franklin Forge!


Franklin Forge is my pride, the start of CB's Creations, without him no website! So he has more than earned this page!

Franklin has become the figurehead for CB's Creations with a beautifully drawn portrait as a logo, you can find him on my business cards and on my stickers!! If you order stitch markers, you will also find his image on the card where I click on the stitch markers.

Franklin's story

Let me introduce Franklin Forge to you first!


Mr. Franklin Forge, Steampunk Elf has lived in a small train station for many years. He loves steam engines! He is fascinated by clocks and time. He got his pocket watch from the station's first train conductor. Every day he does his rounds to check that everything is running on time!


Want to read more about my inspiration to make Franklin? Then I have a nice blog for you: From Idea to Creation!


Are you curious about the crochet pattern of Franklin Forge himself? You can find it here: Crochet pattern Franklin Forge


All of Franklin's friends and his special stuff

Over time, Franklin has had all kinds of fun adventures and made many new friends. Victoria Amber Fleming has come into his life. He got a walking buddy in Milton James the Goat. There are stitch markers in the webshop with the image of Franklin on it. In short, it's never boring with Franklin around. Take a look for yourself below!

Steampunk crochet pattern Franklin Forge

Franklin Original Stitch Markers!!

In addition to Franklin being featured throughout this website, he is also on the business cards and stickers. Now there are also special Franklin Original Stitch Markers! A set of 3 stitch markers with a map, a clock and an image of Franklin on it! They are also on a nice marker card with his face on it!


These stitch markers are 20mm, slightly larger than other stitch markers, making them super suitable to use as decoration for your creations!


The stitch markers are only shipped to the Netherlands and Belgium. For shipping to other countries, you can send a message to


Would you like to know how to use stitchmarkers? I have a blog for you: 8 great ways to use stitchmarkers

Franklin Forge Stitch Markers

Franklin's hat and pocket watch (crochet patterns)

Free crochet pattern pocket watch

He also writes a piece of his stories in the newsletter every time: Franklin's Story. He is full of stories and always experiences something new! I couldn't live without him anymore.

If you sign up for Franklin's Stories, he also has the crochet pattern of his pocket watch for you. His gift for you!


His hat is part of his crochet pattern, if you crochet his hat with thicker yarn it will be a little bit bigger!

Victoria Amber Fleming

Victoria is Franklin's girlfriend and lives in a cottage near the sea. She loves to see, hear and smell the sea! She can often be found at the beach, because you never know what you will find. She always has a bunch of keys with her, handy to open doors and chests, which would otherwise remain closed. She also likes to travel, not only by boat, but also by train. Close to the coast is an old train station where she regularly comes...


In a blog, I have described step by step how Victoria Amber Fleming came into Franklin's life. The story of Victoria!


You can find the crochet pattern of Victoria here: 👇

Franklin and Victoria in Love, amigurumi crochet patterns

Did you know that you can also buy a combination package? Franklin and Victoria's crochet pattern together!

Milton James, crochet pattern goat

His hiking buddy Milton James


One day a goat just walked in on Franklin; Milton James, the Steampunk Bok. They've been great walking buddies ever since. They walk a lot and sometimes find something beautiful on the way, then Milton has 2 handy bags on his back, where everything can go. Also handy to bring something to eat on the go!

Want to know the story behind Milton James? Then read the blog:

Why a goat? and you'll find out!


The pattern can be found here:

Package for Mr. F. Forge

Big news! Franklin has received a package from a distant uncle with all his grandfather's stuff!

With the package was a note: "From your grandfather I found a number of things, I think you can use them well! But beware, not everything works exactly as you think or expect!"


The link of pattern of On the Road with Franklin can be found below the 5th item!

1st Item

A Camera

This camera is not just a camera. Yes, you can take regular photos with it, but if you turn a button on the back, you can take a picture of the elf flying through the image! But you have to be fast, before you know it the elf is already gone!

Franklin can't wait to take pictures!

2nd Item

A Bottle

When you are on the road you will also get thirsty sometimes. The bottle then automatically fills with water to drink! There is always enough in it to quench your thirst!

3th Item

Binoculars (Dutch Viewer)

These binoculars are a real Dutch Viewer. A Dutch Viewer is a lens viewer, you can look far with it, but not as far as a telescope, so you will not see stars. But this one is very special. You can look into the future with it. It shows you the adventures yet to come during your beautiful walks!

4th Item

A Bag

A bag is always handy to have with you when you go out. This bag gives you exactly what you need, when you need it!

Just as the bottle fills with water when you are thirsty, you will find a nice sandwich in the bag when you are hungry or a key to open closed doors!

Of course you can also put your watch in the bag to read the time on the way.

5th Item

A Magic Walking Stick

A walking stick that can hear, see, smell and talk! This walking stick will show you the way wherever you go! He warns you if you don't choose the right path! And will chatter all the way!

He can't wait to hit the road!

Cattery Fra Vesken

Milton James the Goat spontaneously arrived at Franklin and Victoria. He regularly accompanies Franklin on his walks and Milton goes out himself to score nice green grass somewhere.

Victoria wanted a pet that she should take care of a little more. Quite by chance, she came across Cattery Fra Vesken!

This Cattery had 3 more super cute kittens. Victoria couldn't choose and took all three of them home!

They are Norwegian Forest Cat kittens. These are so super cute because their hair is still in all directions. When they are a little older, they become very stately cats with a lush head of hair. The name Fra Vesken is Norwegian for "Out of the Handbag". The kittens also fit very well in Victoria's handbag.

Although... There is only room for 1 kitten, the other 2 she takes under her arm.


Victoria is happy with her kittens Saga, Tyr and Rune. Unsurprisingly, Franklin really likes them too!

Joy the Elf from the camera

Remember when Franklin got a package with his grandfather's stuff in it? There was also a very special camera in there. Just read it at On the road with Franklin above.

Looking through the camera, Franklin saw an Elf and by chance he managed to 'catch' her by pressing the button of the camera!

She first was hesitant, but found out that Franklin is a good guy! She even dares to bring other elves every now and then!


In On the Road with Franklin to find elves, you can read how Franklin really managed to get Joy in the picture!


The Crochet pattern of the Elf can be found here:

Alistair MacFire

Alistair is a distant cousin of Franklin from his mother’s side of the family. Alistair is a blacksmith by profession and has already made a lot of knives and swords in his forge with his hammer and anvil!

As a hobby he has cooking, especially preparing his food on the BBQ outside. And what do you do as a blacksmith? Right, you make your own barbecue with knife and spatula.

It has become a cool BBQ complete with leeks, mushrooms, sausages, hamburgers, chicken feet and marshmallows.


You can read more about Alistair MacFire in: Alistair MacFire, Elf and Blacksmith.