Franklin on his way to meet some little elves

Published on 16 January 2023 at 19:11
Blog: Franklin on his way to meet elves

Franklin sets out to find elves

Narrated by Franklin himself!

Franklin Forge and Milton James walking

Taking walks through our neighbourhood, through the forest, over the heath and along the beach is something I like to do. I am often accompanied by Victoria or Milton James the Goat. If he goes with me, I don't have to bring an extra bag, because everything we find along the way can be put in his bags. Well, it is not the case that we take everything we encounter with us. No, only a very special stone or shell for example. But I have also found an old pipe head. Real treasures!! My collectibles!


But those bags of Milton are also very suitable for taking something to eat and drink with us on the road. We like to have a nice picnic. Unfortunately, it is a bit too cold to picnic outside at the moment, but we still like to walk. We just put on an extra scarf!


Do you also want to crochet Milton James? Great! His pattern can be found here:

A package from the grandfather of Franklin

Do you remember?

A while back I received a package that a distant uncle had sent me. The package contained 5 objects that belonged to my grandfather. There was also a note: "I found some things from your grandfather, I think you can use them well! But beware, not everything works exactly as you think or expect!"

If you want to know exactly what was in the package, take a look at my own page, there everything is told in detail! Franklin Forge

There you will also find the link to the pattern: On the road with Franklin! 😉


On my walks I like to take my grandfather's walking stick with me. He always knows the way and tells many stories about my grandfather and the environment. My grandfather was also always walking! If I want to look at a bird for a moment, it often happens that the walking stick scares the bird away with its chatter ...


Quite coincidentally, Claudia's son collected walking sticks, but he has not yet found such a special one as I have. He gave me this beautiful map! I actually think it's very nice to frame. It really is one of those maps where you see something different every time. How I would like to walk there. I think I'll have a lot of exciting adventures!

Walking stick and camera crochet pattern
Camera, bottle and binoculars

A magical camera!

The most special thing I got from my grandfather is his camera. It is not just a camera, you can take beautiful photos with it, but you can also see Elves with it.

If you look through the lens and pay close attention, you can see them; the Elves fly among the trees and flowers!

If you look with the naked eye, without a camera, they cannot be seen, but through the lens of the camera they can. As soon as the Elves realize that you see them, they quickly fly away.


The Elves sense if someone can see them and if there is a magical camera nearby, with which someone could take a picture of them. They are very wary and can really disappear very quickly! You often can't press the button on the camera that fast.

But if you manage to take a picture of an little Elf, then they really show themselves. She first wants to know how the wind blows, but if she finds you suitable then she wants to become your friend.

Crochet pattern camera

A little Elf in the picture

Eventually I realized that my grandfather's chattering cane, because of all his talking, was the cause that the elves always realized in time that I was there. So I left the walking stick at home. But how difficult it is that, when you see an elf, to press the button very quickly to take a picture!


You won't believe it, but I just managed to take a picture of an Elf! After many tries, I was looking through the lens again and I tripped over a stone. I don't know how I managed it either, but I accidentally pressed the button and yes, I had taken a picture of an elf!! The little elf is very shy, but she already knew how to tell me her name. Her name is Joy!


Once Joy realized that I'm just a nice guy, she also invited a few of her friends-Elves. They love flowers, but they also fly through the forest in Autumn and Winter.


There are currently 3 elves flying around here. But it remains difficult to make them sit or stand still to photograph. Did you know that they also love to swing? Sitting on a branch or flower and letting yourself be rocked by the wind! But as you may have noticed, they're still a little cautious about getting in the picture. Here are the first 2 pictures to show everyone a very small piece!

Below you will find a picture of me with the elves! Yeah!

Sneak peek Elf Joy
Sneak peek Joy on the swing

Joy, the Elf from the camera


Joy has been living in the woods for a while, along with many other elves. You don't see it, but in some trees there are doors and windows. That's where the elves live! Every day she goes out to see how the animals in the forest are doing. She likes to chat with the squirrels and the robins and the great tits. She likes to help them find nuts and berries, she also loves nuts and berries. The squirrels help crack the nuts!


As soon as she gets the chance, she looks for a nice thin branch, or a beautiful flower, on which she can swing to her heart's content. Yes, and sometimes, very occasionally, she is seen by a magical camera and a picture is taken of her.

She doesn't just show herself to you, she first has to trust you. If she feel she can trust you then you have a girlfriend for life!

he story of Joy

Crochet pattern little Elf Joy
Elf Joy and friend
Elf Joy on her swing

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when purchasing the pattern of Elf Joy, you get the addition to make a sitting Elf in such a nice ring complete with swing.

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Don't we look great on this picture?

Franklin and the 3 elves

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