Why did I choose a goat?

Published on 21 January 2023 at 19:21
Blog: Why did I choose a Goat?

The story behind Milton James, Steampunk Goat

A Steampunk Goat

Why a goat and not a nice dog for Franklin and Victoria, I hear you think!?!

That choice has everything to do with the photo below.

This is Grandpa Lucas, my grandfather's grandfather, with his goat. With this goat he has won several prizes.


Unfortunately, I never knew Grandpa Lucas myself, but I have heard the stories of my mother and grandparents. Grandpa Lucas was a fisherman and turned well into his 90s. Until old age he was a member of a hiking club and he covered many kilometres. And one of his hobbies was keeping goats. So he had goats and was an avid hiker!


His son-in-law and daughter, my mother's grandparents, also had a number of goats. I still remember how I thought they stinked. Sometimes, very occasionally, when I eat goat cheese, I sometimes smell those goats of Grandpa Aart and grandma.

A crochet pattern of a stubborn buck

Grandpa Lucas' picture with his goat popped up just as I was thinking about what or who I could make for Franklin and Victoria. And let's face it, this tough goat is very suitable to go through life as a steampunk goat. It is an unusual pet and that is why it is so much fun for Franklin. It's an ideal hiking buddy for Franklin!


But Milton James also fits me very well; I am a Capricorn, just like my father and my grandmother. We all have our own will and can be a little stubborn!


My grandmother also gave me her jewellery with a ibex on it, every now and then I still come across them when I am rooting in my jewellery box. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Crochet pattern Steampunk Goat

Crochet Milton James the goat with the yarn you want!

I crocheted Milton James 2 times. The first time with Royal van Zeeman, an acrylic yarn, the second time with Yarn & Colors Charming, a stonewashed yarn. For his goatee, beard and hair I wanted something rough and tough and I chose Lammy Yarns Fourrure. But of course you can use any other fluffy yarn you want.


I gave him 2 bags on his back. He loves to go out with Franklin Forge. Then those bags are super handy for when they find something on the go!

Milton James crocheted by super test crocheters

Milton James can also choose whether to put his glasses on his head or put on his hat. But it is also possible both, as you see in Marion's picture!


Wilma has crocheted Milton James with Tweed of the Zeeman, so that he can grow up nice and big for her Franklin!

Milton James crocheted by Marion
Milton James crocheted by Wilma

Crochet Pattern Milton James, Steampunk Goat

Do you want to crochet Milton James yourself? The pattern can be found here:

Crochet pattern Steampunk Goat

Now I have to come up with what would be fun for Victoria to crochet! If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear from you! ๐Ÿงก

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