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The range of patterns is diverse from a frog to a Viking and from a steampunk elf to perfume bottles! I'm sure you'll find a crochet pattern that you'll enjoy making for yourself or as a gift!    


Do you also like to crochet with fluffy yarn or find it a challenge to crochet with fluffy yarn?

 I find crocheting with fluffy yarn super fun to do, to give nice accents to my creations. But also a creation completely crocheted from Fluffy yarn such as Gene the Raccoon is favourite!

Especially for you, I have put together all the patterns where I have used fluffy yarn. Can't wait to get started? Then take a look at these patterns!

Pam: ‘Wonderful patterns, the designer is very creative.’

I can't read a crochet pattern, I find it hard to read a crochet pattern.

You can learn to read a crochet pattern. It's really not as difficult as it might look.

Have you ever baked a cake yourself? You first read the recipe carefully, get all the ingredients at home and then follow the recipe step by step. As a result, you have a delicious homemade cake! 

It’s the same with following a pattern. You read the pattern carefully, you gather all the necessary materials and then follow the pattern step by step. 

At the very top of all my patterns I have a list of used abbreviations and stitches, so you know which stitch needs to be crocheted and when.

You will see that when you have come to the end of the pattern, you have a very nice self-crocheted creation. 


Also know that you can always send me a message if you get stuck in a pattern.

Clearly written crochet patterns

The patterns are clearly written crochet patterns with accompanying photos to guide you through the pattern step by step. The result will be a great creation that you have crocheted yourself. A creation to be proud of or to give with pride as a gift! If you get stuck with a certain part of a pattern, then I'm just a message away! I help you to create a creation to be proud of together with you!


PDF Crochet pattern and shipping

The patterns are in the form of a PDF file with clear crochet instructions that are explained with photos, including extensive information about the materials and the crochet stitches used and their abbreviations. After payment, the pattern will be sent by e-mail as soon as possible. So also look in your spam folder if you have not received an e-mail with the crochet pattern after you received the confirmation that the pattern was send. If the e-mail is not in your spam folder, send me a message, and we will solve the problem as soon as possible, so that you can get on crocheting as soon as possible!