Beach House, Crochet Organizer, PDF


Crochet Pattern of a very handy crochet organizer to store your crochet hooks and lots more.

Crochet Pattern Organizer Beach House


Welcome to the Beach Cottage, your perfect crochet helper for a summer full of creativity and fun!


If you love the beach, the sea and everything that has to do with it as much as I do, then this crochet pattern is an absolute must-have for your collection. This cute and practical Beach House is not only a handy storage for your crochet hooks, stitch markers and pins, but also a great addition to your crochet space.


With this crochet pattern you can make not only one, but several Beach Houses. Why settle for one when you can make two, three, or more?

The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to make the Beach House, including a flag garland, a door, hearts, stars, a bag for your centimetre and a surfboard. A cute crab guards your pins. Everything you need to transform your crochet space into a cozy beach theme.


Bring the beach feeling inside with the crochet pattern Crochet Aid Beach House!

Materials used for the Beach House:

You can use any brand of cotton yarn you want for this crochet pattern. If you use thicker or thinner yarn, your crochet work will not fit the cardboard or plastic support of the house. Below is a list of the materials I used for this Beach House.

  • Cotton Durable Coral in the colours red, white, blue and orange
  • The specified quantities are for 1 house in the colour Red. If you want to make several or in a different colour, the quantities are different.
  • 1 support to go in between the inside and outside of the house. (measurements can be found in the pattern)
  • Interior cottage 33gram, Exterior cottage 41gram
  • Durable Coral 2193 Grenadine (red): 42 grams,
  • Durable Coral 310 White: 40 grams
  • Durable Coral 370 Jeans: 14 grams
  • Durable Coral 2194 Orange: 27 grams
  • Crochet hook 2.5
  • Scissors, needle, filling, Textile glue
  • Cocktail stick, Thin wooden stirrer for coffee
  • Piece of thick cardboard or plastic for the crab


The Beach House will be 13cm tall.


Clearly written PDF Crochet pattern

With this PDF crochet pattern you can crochet this Beach House yourself! This 11-page PDF contains detailed clear crochet instructions that are explained with photos, including extensive information about the materials used and the crochet stitches used and their abbreviations. US terminology and abbreviations of stitches are used. Whether you have just mastered the basic stitches as a beginner or if you are more experienced. If you know how to make a Magic Ring, a Single Crochet, a Slip Stitch and a Chain, then you can crochet this amazing creation yourself. If you get stuck with a certain part of the pattern, then I'm just a message away! I would like to help you to make a creation together with you to be proud of!


Sending the pattern

After payment, the pattern will be sent by e-mail as soon as possible. So also look in your spam folder if you have not received an e-mail with the crochet pattern after the confirmation the pattern has been send. If the e-mail is not in your spam folder, send me a message, and we will solve the problem, so that you can continue crocheting as soon as possible!


You are not buying a finished product. This is a PDF Crochet Pattern.