2022: a good year full of amigurumi patterns

Published on 2 January 2023 at 19:06
Fun and cuddly crochet patterns

2022: A good year full of fun amigurumi crochet patterns!

A good year for amigurumi

It was another very fun and productive design and crochet year! No, not just as productive as the year before, when I published my book Aan de Kust in addition to all my other patterns, but productive in a different way. There are 11 patterns released this year, of which 2 have already been in the crochet magazine Aan de Haak (Dutch Crochet Magazine)


There is also 1 free pattern added (Dutch only for the time being). I designed this free pattern of Christmas ornaments together with Marja Hermes of Pixel 2 Mix. This was a very smooth ongoing collaboration, which will probably be followed up.


In addition to all my designs that I made in 2022, I have also changed a lot about my website. The appearance has changed, but I have also worked the back of my website to make everything run more streamlined. There are also a lot of informative blogs on my website. Like, for example, the one with tips to crochet with Fluffy Yarn!


Stitch Markers and Fake Furs

My stitch markers and more have been expanded with very nice stitch markers, keys and lots of fake fur. In 2022 I had 2 articles in the Dutch crochet magazine Aan de Haak, once with a workshop on how you can paint your own eyes for your amigurumi's and once with the pattern of my small starfish from my book Aan de Kust.

My Viking Gnome is becoming a celebrity, because in addition to the Dutch and German Aan de Haak/Häkeln, he has also been in the English version: Fun Crochet Magazine.

KreaDoe and a Super Sinterklaas Crochet Party

Last year I had a number of nice meetings with fellow designers in "real life", but also via Zoom. I also had the opportunity to interview a number of them. I even got to interview Bea King from Cottontail & Whiskers.

A number of international designers, Sue Stapleton of Auburncraft Crochet Design and Kate McCully of Make Me Roar, have written a guest blog for me and I have also been able to write a guest blog for them.

Durable Yarn allowed me to try out the Sock Wool Durable Soqs Tweed and my review about this yarn can be found at CraftKitchen.

I was able to promote my work for an afternoon at the KreaDoe (a big craft show in the Netherlands) at the stand of Aan de Haak and was surprised by one of my test crocheters Christine. She had also brought her version of IJsbrand the Bear.


In December I organized again, together with 8 super nice colleagues, a Super Sinterklaas Crochet Party! That was truly a very great party! I also made a free pattern together with Marja from Pixel 2 Mix. That was a nice collaboration!

2022 was also the year that CB's Creations celebrated its 5th anniversary!

In short, it was a very diverse and fun designer year!  I am now taking you on a journey long all my designed amigurumi crochet patterns of 2022. We start with Chef Antoine! All patterns can be found quickly by clicking on the buttons next to the photos!


2022: all fun amigurumi crochet patterns


Chef Antoine and all his baking supplies

Gnomes: Viking Gnome, St. Patrick Gnome and Christmas Gnomes

My Own Easter Bunny: Harrison Hare

Crochet Along: Nelson the Frog and his Banjo

On the road with Franklin and his Magic Stuff!

Seahorse Zena

Taking pictures with Flint, the tough little Elf

IJsbrand the Bear as Christmas Elf

Experience a Merry Christmas with Merri X-Mas

Free Crochet Pattern: Christmas ornaments

Chef Antoine and all his baking supplies

It's my birthday in January and Chef Antoine was a nice pattern to celebrate my birthday with! The idea came from Marget Oomen, she wanted to make a cook for the 5th anniversary of restaurant Dis of Teun, a friend of her son.


I didn't have a Cook among all my crochet patterns and liked the idea so much that I designed Chef Antoine.

Chef Antoine loves to cook! With great pleasure he makes dinners of several courses! But his passion lies in making desserts and especially baking cakes and cookies! He loves whipped cream...

That worked out well with my birthday, so Antoine could bake cakes and cookies!

A crochet pattern that makes you hungry!


As an extra, I designed even more baking supplies for Chef Antoine. Antoine could use these things to bake a cake: a rolling pin, a baking tin and oven mitts. He baked the cake himself!


You can buy Chef Antoine and his basic baking supplies as a pattern, his extra baking supplies can also be purchased separately as a pattern and you can buy Chef Antoine with all his baking supplies, including the extra baking supplies, in 1 go.

Gnomes: Viking Gnome, St. Patrick Gnome and Christmas Gnomes

In February it was my Viking Gnome's turn to put him in the spotlight on my own website. I designed him for the Dutch crochet magazine Aan de Haak and he was also allowed to show off in the German version: Häkeln!


But this tough Viking Gnome is not alone! He is accompanied by his friends the St. Patricks Gnome, a real lucky charm and the 2 Christmas Gnomes. A real Santa Gnome and the Christmas Tree Gnome. One pattern with 4 different Gnomes! They are really all super fun to crochet! But beware, before you know it you have an invasion of Gnomes in the house!

My own Easter Bunny: Harrison Hare

I wanted to crochet a big hare for Easter. I did a good job with Harrison! I used Stone Washed yarn for him and crochet hook 3, which made him 50 cm in size.


Harrison is of course very busy painting Easter eggs. To relax, he likes to paint still lives. Now he is working on a masterpiece, a lifelike painting of a carrot! So you will also find in his crochet pattern the pattern of a jar of paint, a paintbrush, eggs and a carrot.

Did you know that he is also a real cuddly hare?

Crochet Along: Nelson the Frog and his Banjo

This musical frog was the subject of the Crochet Along of 2022. Nelson was crocheted by a large group of ladies, including his banjo! What a crazy thing it must have been with all those Banjo playing Frogs! The inspiration for his name came from Willie Nelson!

Nelson plays on a 4 string banjo, which is best in the hand for his 3 fingers! These banjos are often used to play Dixieland/jazz and Irish music. But Nelson also plays his bluegrass songs on it with ease!

If you want to know exactly what a Crochet Along is, then I have a few nice blogs for you, you can find them here: 



Small pond

A fitting pattern for Nelson, who plays on his Banjo, is this pond.

It is a nice little sinking tub with water, cattail and water lily

It is not only fun to look at, but also super fun to give as a gift. You can hide a nice gift "in the water"!

The blue yarn and the plastic lid make it look like real water!

On the road with Franklin and his Magic Stuff!

One day my Franklin Forge received a package from a distant uncle. With the package was a note: "From your grandfather I found a number of things, I think you can use them well! But beware, not everything works exactly as you think or expect!"

So if you have already crocheted Franklin, then this Bag, Binoculars (Dutch Viewer), Walking Stick, Bottle and Camera cannot be missed.


This crochet pattern really has something magical! Nothing seems what it is! Crochet this bottle, camera, bag, binoculars and walking stick and experience fun adventures!

Did you know that other crocheted creations will also be happy with such a nice camera?!

Seahorse Zena

Durable released the Sock Wool Durable Soqs Tweed and I got to try a few things out. For example, I crocheted the pattern of my Little Dog Tanja with this sock wool and wrote a review about it. This review is published on Craftkitchen, it’s in Dutch only.


When I saw the pink and green Durable Soqs Tweed, I thought it would fit very well with a seahorse. That has become Seahorse Zena. By using this super nice socks wool, further decoration of this seahorse is not really necessary. She has all kinds of colours like specks all over her body! Do you see her swimming yet?! Also try out some other colours and combinations!

But also with Stone Washed yarn she looks great! Really a pattern that you can crochet with any kind of yarn!

Taking pictures with Flint, the tough little Elf

I also wanted to see if I could make some small creations. It's just a bit more fiddling, but also fun to do. If you use thicker yarn, it will automatically become bigger!


Flint is a tough little elf! As small as he is, he's as tough as he is! Did you know that he can also listen very well? He loves to hear your stories and it doesn't have to be all tough stories!


Crocheted with cotton yarn, he fits easily in your hand. But he also fits very well in your jacket pocket. So you can take him with you wherever you go. Flint is also very photogenic. You can take the most beautiful enchanting pictures of him!

Do you want some tips on taking beautiful pictures of your amigurumi? Then read this blog: How do you make nice photos of your amigurumi? 


IJsbrand the Bear as Christmas Elf

IJsbrand was a big hit as Crochet Along in the winter of 2018. IJsbrand the Bear loves snow and ice but he doesn't go outside without dressing warmly.

Especially for the Dutch crochet magazine Aan de Haak I designed a Christmas outfit for IJsbrand in 2020 so that he can help Santa Claus as a Christmas Elf.

In 2018, IJsbrand was crocheted with acrylic and crochet hook 3, but this time with cotton and crochet hook 2.5. And this year it was about time that he also got a nice spot on my website.


If you have never crocheted IJsbrand before, you can choose which pattern of IJsbrand you will make. But his Christmas outfit can also be found as a separate pattern in the web shop. This way IJsbrand can also putting on some different clothes!

Experience a Merry Christmas with Merri X-Mas

My last pattern of 2022 is Merri X-Mas. I was inspired by my own crochet pattern Merri Longbeard. But only the wheels of the cart, his hands and his boots are still the same. The rest has been completely renewed.


Merri X-Mas is very handy, he will help you to bring the Christmas tree home! If you are decorating the Christmas tree, he will get all the Christmas presents for you!

Through wind and weather and of course snow he drives back and forth with Christmas trees and presents. He has been proclaimed super helper of Santa Claus! Merry Christmas!!

Free crochet pattern: Christmas ornaments (Dutch only, for the time being)

Together with 8 other designers I organized the Super Sinterklaas Crochet Party from November 30 to December 5. It was really a super party! On the last day, Marja from Pixel 2 Mix and I presented a free pattern: 2 nice Christmas names! The pattern is in Dutch only, for the time being.

This nice collaboration will probably get a sequel!

The candy was designed by Marja and the candy cane by myself. Make so many that you can fill your tree with it next Christmas!


It's always nice to see my creations together like this! These were the patterns of 2022, but these were not all the patterns of 2022. There are already a few designs eager to get to know you in 2023! On to another year full of fun creations!!

Which of these patterns have you already crocheted or are still on your wish list? I am very curious. All other patterns can be found here:

Do you want to see which pattterns were released in 2021? 2021: A year full of crochet patterns!

Do you want to be kept informed of all new patterns, promotions, facts and discounts? Then follow Franklin's stories!

He also has a nice free crochet pattern of his Pocket Watch for you!

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