Mr. Franklin Forge, Steampunk Elf, PDF


Amigurumi Crochet pattern Fantasy and Steampunk Elf

Mr. Franklin Forge, Steampunk Elf


Will you join Mr. Franklin Forge, the Steampunk Elf? Don't be late, because Franklin is always punctual!.


Mr. Franklin Forge has lived in a little train station for many years, where he spends his days admiring steam engines and checking the time. He loves steam engines and is fascinated by clocks and time! His pocket watch, a gift from the station's first train conductor, is his most prized possession and accompanies him wherever he goes. Every day he makes his rounds to see if all trains arrive and depart on time!

This unique amigurumi crochet pattern was born out of a creative experiment, in which I tried to make a crocheted head using modelling techniques. A head made up of various parts. The rest came naturally. Franklin Forge, my pride! The reason for starting CB's Creations.


His characteristic appearance, with a top hat adorned with aviator's glasses, a sleeveless vest with long points at the back, and a scarf around his neck, make him a special creation.

Whether you're a fan of fantasy, steampunk, or just looking for a unique crochet project, Mr. Franklin Forge offers endless possibilities for creativity and imagination.


With his cane in hand and his adventurous spirit, Mr. Franklin Forge is ready to take you on his adventures with all the other creations of CB's Creations!

Get started today and let your Franklin go on his own adventures!

Steampunk crochet pattern Franklin Forge

PA Lamb: "The instructions are very detailed. I love the way they look here, just hoping I can make mine just a great."

Used Materials for Franklin Forge:

You can use any yarn you want for this crochet pattern. If you use thicker or thinner yarn, Franklin will become slightly larger or smaller. Below is a list of the materials I used for Franklin Forge.

  • Cotton yarn in various colours and thickness, like Yarn & Colors/Lammy Yarns Rio/Pingouin Esterel.
  • Head, feet and hands made with crochet hook 2,5. Used about 100gr.
  • Trousers, shirt, coat, hat, scarf and belt made with crochet hook 3. Used 1 skein of 50gr per colour.
  • Scissors, needle, Fiberfil or stuffing
  • Electricity wire to make a frame
  • Safety eyes 12 mm (without backpiece)
  • Felt for eyes and nails
  • Various ornaments and studs

Mr. Franklin Forge will be about 52 cm tall


Clearly written PDF Crochet pattern

With this PDF crochet pattern you can crochet Franklin Forge yourself! This 12-page PDF, with a great new layout, contains detailed clear crochet instructions that are explained with photos, including extensive information about the materials used and the crochet stitches used and their abbreviations. US terminology and abbreviations of stitches are used. Whether you have just mastered the basic stitches as a beginner or if you are more experienced. If you know how to make a Magic Ring, a Single Crochet, a Slip Stitch and a Chain, then you can crochet this amazing creation yourself. If you get stuck with a certain part of the pattern, then I'm just a message away! I would like to help you to make a creation together with you to be proud of!


Sending the pattern

After payment, the pattern will be sent by e-mail as soon as possible. So also look in your spam folder if you have not received an e-mail with the crochet pattern after the confirmation the pattern has been send. If the e-mail is not in your spam folder, send me a message, and we will solve the problem, so that you can continue crocheting as soon as possible!


You are not buying a finished product. This is a PDF Crochet Pattern.

Jenny: "Absolutely gorgeous design very detailed instructions very happy with my purchase."

Franklin Forge and Victoria Amber Fleming

Did you know that Mr. Franklin Forge has a girlfriend, her name is Victoria Amber Fleming!

Would you like to get to know her? Take a look! 

You can also buy both crochet patterns in one go, you will get a nice discount!

Crochet Pattern Franklin and Victroria