Interview with Cottontail and Whiskers

Published on 8 December 2022 at 20:00
Interview with Cottontail and Whiskers

Cottontail and Whiskers

It's quite an honour! I got to interview Bea King, the designer behind Cottontail and Whiskers! She designs those amazing, beautiful and often very funny creations!! I'm really a fan!

But also take a look at her shawls. They are so beautiful and so different from the standard shawls!

So if you're ready for something colourful, something funny, something different... take a peek at Cottontail and Whiskers by Bea King.

Have fun reading this interview!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


I live in rural Aberdeenshire in bonny Scotland with the love of my life, 2 of our 4 children (2 at Uni) and Wilbur the dog. We did have a few stick insects but they are now desiccated husks due to our youngest parenting abilities!


Once I learned to crochet I taught myself the skill of amigurumi, pattern writing and counting...a lot of counting!!! It has just grown from there and I've never looked back, I just love it. Once I filled our house with animal heads and toys I decided to have a go at pattern writing. I did not look back!

Bea King

I really despise making the same thing twice so pattern writing was ideal for me. The biggest thing for me was seeing other people make my things and it made them smile. This just spurred me on to create more and more. I really, really love what I do.

Crochet has pretty much taken over our lives, I write the patterns and my husband manages the website.

How long have you been crocheting? Are you self-taught?


I learned to crochet in 2013. I was at a friend’s house for coffee and her neighbour was there teaching her how to do a granny square. Well I had to have a go! I’ve not really put the crochet hook down since.

Cottontail and Whiskers birds
Cottontail and Whiskers cow, pig and sheep

Why did you choose the name Cottontail and Whiskers?


When I first started out I made a lot of bunnies and it just kind of came from that. Honestly wish I’d named it something shorter, it’s quite a mouthful.

Frankenstein Cottontail and Whiskers

Where do you get your inspiration from?


Everywhere! I see crochet in everything. I’m forever taking screenshots of people faces (noses fascinate me) animals, colours and textures. Sometimes I catch myself just sitting staring into space wondering how I can crochet fire!!!

Describe your workplace, what really should not be missing there?


Emmm….I’ve kind of graduated to the entire house. I do have a wee room where I store my yarn and things it does have a very comfy chair in there…but I always land up working somewhere else! I have baskets and bags of wool, half-finished projects everywhere.

Pumpkins Cottontail and Whiskers
Cottontail and Whiskers Monsters

Suppose you had to choose a completely different profession, what would you like to do?


When I was at school I wanted to be an Egyptologist, but it didn’t seem like a very good career path. Now I’d like to be David Attenbourgh or maybe an astronaut.

What are working on right now?


Shhh…..that’s a secret!

Head of Dog Cottontail and Whiskers
Beautiful Owl Shawl Cottontail & Whiskers

The photos you see here at the interview are only a small reflection of her creations, you really have to take a look at her website!

All the patterns of Cottontail and Whiskers are in English, US terms.


Take a look at Bea's Facebookpage: Cottontail and Whiskers

Or on her website: Cottontail & Whiskers

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Roxane Kirkman
a year ago

I have been making Bea’s creations for about a year now. A few for myself, but most for friends. I have quite a collection done! I love her whimsy and would love to know her personally, but I live in Canada! Maybe I will visit her one day! Congratulations on your success Bea!

a year ago

Ever since I saw her silly pigeon, I have been admiring her work ever since. She is so creative and the expressions she gives her creations are priceless. It definitely brings a joy to my day whenever I see one of her posts.