Great tips to crochet with Fluffy Yarn

Published on 3 May 2022 at 10:37
Great tips to crochet with fluffy yarn

Great tips to crochet with fluffy yarn

Fluffy Yarn

Fluffy yarn is so soft, so cuddly! You just have to crochet with it!! Maybe you have guessed it, but I am a big fan of fluffy yarn! If you ask me if I want to crochet with fluffy yarn then my answer will be: Yes, of course! But not everyone is a fan of that lovely fluffy yarn!

Fluffy yarn is not always the easiest yarn to crochet with.


Amigurumi crochet patterns

I make a lot of amigurumi patterns and I use fluffy yarn very often. It looks so great on the edge of a coat or dress of an elf, or just a little edge on a pair of boots. I also make wigs or beards and moustaches of fluffy yarn for my creations. It gives your creation something just that little bit extra and something cuddly. With these useful tips crocheting with fluffy yarn will be much easier.

Pedr the Viking with fluffy yarn


Crocheting with cotton yarn first

If you don’t want a little edge of fluffy yarn, but the whole body of your amigurumi with fluffy yarn, for example, you can crochet the pattern with cotton yarn in the Back Loops Only first and then crochet in the front loops with fluffy yarn. But that is twice the work!

The advantage of fluffy yarn is that you can smuggle a little with it, you won’t notice it!


Use a bigger crochet hook

To make crocheting with fluffy yarn easier, it is wise to use a bigger crochet hook. The stitches will be a little bigger and you can find your stitches much faster! Do not crochet too tightly!

If you have crocheted with fluffy yarn more often, you can even feel where you have to put the crochet hook in your work.

Alwin Oakleaf with fake fur and fluffy yarn

Use stitch markers

If you crochet with fluffy yarn, the stitches are not always clearly visible. Put a few stitch markers at a few fixed points and you know exactly how many stitches should come between those stitch markers. It is advisable to use a different stitch marker for the start!


You have very simple plastic stitch markers but nowadays there are so many different stitch markers, you can hang everything on your stitch marker! For every crochet project you can buy a suitable stitch marker! If you love elephants, then you clasp a nice stitch marker with an elephant on every crochetwork! There are really so many nice stitch markers!

Read my blog on Stitch Markers: 8 ways to use stitch markers


A special tip: white paper

I just got a tip the other day: use a piece of white paper under your crochet work, so you can see where to insert your crochet hook! If you are crocheting with white fluffy yarn, I recommend a dark coloured piece of paper.


Use a light!

What also works well is a light! You then hold a light behind your crochet, so that you can see the stitches better.


Feel the stitches

If you crochet with fluffy yarn more often, you will notice that you can feel the stitches as well.

The advantage of fluffy yarn is that you can smuggle a bit with it, it's not a disaster if you make a mistake, you can’t see it!


Gene the Raccoon

Fluffy Yarn the patterns of CB’s Creations

As I mentioned before, I use fluffy yarn in multiple patterns, not only to make hair, but also to make beards, fake fur cardigans or fluffy legs. I don’t always crochet with fluffy yarn, but I also use fluffy yarn as hair, by tying strands of fluffy yarn to the head. You will create a great hairstyle that way!


The biggest challenge to crochet with fluffy yarn is Gene the Raccoon. This cuddly raccoon is crocheted only with furry yarn, without crocheting with cotton yarn first. But isn't he sweet?!



Use acrylic yarn instead of fluffy yarn for beards and hair

If you still not convinced you have to give fluffy yarn a try, you could use acrylic yarn as a good alternative. You can buy hairy acrylic yarn that you can use, such as for an edge. But ordinary acrylic yarn can be brushed out very well. You tie threads from the yarn on the head of your doll or creation and you gently brush them out with a cat brush. You can also make a beard with brushing out acrylic yarn. 


Using fake fur

Did you know you can use a piece of fake fur as a good and easy alternative to fluffy yarn and brushing out acrylic yarn? There are some lovely fake fur with long hair you can buy!. Sometimes they are indistinguishable from the real thing. They come in all kinds of colours, from short to long-haired. I also wrote a blog about using fake fur, if you want to read more about it! Fun ways to use fake fur!

Addicted to Fluffy Yarn

It will come as no surprise if a told you I have a soft spot for fluffy yarn! It is so soft and so nice to watch! Fluffy yarn on sale? I will buy it! I have a large collection. So I always have yarn to create a nice wig for a creation. Yes, I am a fluffy yarn collector!

Did you know that crocheting with yarn and buying yarn are 2 different things?


What about you? Do you like to crochet with fluffy yarn or are you also a fluffy yarn collector, just like me?

I have all my patterns where I used fluffy yarn on 1 page. Go check them out!

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