Christmas in the Summer?!

Published on 27 July 2022 at 09:10
Blog: Christmas in the Summer

Christmas in the summer?

Christmas in the summer?! Why not? It may be a little too early to think about Christmas, but before you know it, it's that time again!  Fellow crafters and crocheters will understand this: if you want to make something fun to put in the house during the Christmas period or to give as a gift, you will have to start on time. So if you want to be in Christmas atmospheres for the whole month of December and it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to make nice things, then it is important to start at least mid-October!!


Christmas in July

It is a trend that has blown over from America. Christmas in July. There, designers or groups of designers collect their Christmas crochet patterns to show them in July, so that you can start your Christmas crochet work in time. Often you see that they use the whole month of July for it and then show 1 Christmas pattern every day. 

The Dutch designers have also brought their Christmas crochet patterns together in a blog roundup: Christmas in July, the Dutch way. 

Jumping Jack Christmas, amigurumi crochet pattern
Amigurumi Christmas Pattern Noelle
Nutcracker, amigurumi crochet pattern

Sinterklaas, Halloween and Easter: all crochet patterns!

If you are a designer, you often start thinking of something and designing something for Christmas even earlier. It still needs to be worked out, tested and promoted. Christmas in the summer? Yes!! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 

Of course, this does not only apply to Christmas, but also to Sinterklaas (a Dutch celebration). Before Sinterklaas his birthday, he has been in the Netherlands for 3 weeks. Then it is useful to start in mid-October or even earlier.

The highest time for Sinterklaas, crochet pattern
Easter trio, amigurumi crochet pattern
Halloween crochet pattern Simsala & Bim

Valentine's Day with New Year's Eve, but preferably even earlier!

For a designer, the whole year just! With New Year's Eve you think of Valentine's Day, actually much earlier, because yes, the patterns also have to be tested.  On Valentine's Day you start with Easter. In between is spring. 

Do you want to design a crochet pattern for the summer? After New Year's Eve, get started right away, or certainly start immediately after Easter. 

How about Autumn, Halloween and Winter! And then you have all the fun designs and ideas that are always possible. 

Of course, you do not have to participate in all these important days and holidays or take them into account. But sometimes it's just fun to design something for Halloween, for example, or for Christmas.

Crochet pattern gnome for valentine's day

Delicious: Chocolate Easter eggs in January!

You won't hear me complain when Sinterklaas candy is in the store at the beginning of September or that Easter chocolate pop up just after Christmas. It only puts me in the mood more!! It is also very useful to make nice atmospheric photos with it, with all those candy and Easter chocolate eggs. So if you see me in the store putting candy, Christmas chocolate and Easter chocolate eggs in my basket, these are to use for a photo shoot.... 

Sinterklaas sweets for a photo shoot

Special Days

All my amigurumi crochet patterns for Christmas, Easter and Halloween are brought together under the heading: Special Days. Take a look, can you hear the Christmas music yet?

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