Fun ways to use fake fur with your crochet

Published on 3 December 2023 at 13:45
Fun ways to use fake fur with your crochet

Fake fur and crochet: a great combination


Are you already using faux fur in your crochet creations?

No?! You don't know what you're missing!

Before I show you what you can do with faux fur, I'll show you some examples with Fluffy yarn and acrylic yarn.


Amigurumi crochet patterns and fluffy yarn

If you have already made a number of amigurumi crochet patterns, then you have probably also used fluffy yarn in a creation. It looks so nice on a pair of boots or an edge of a dress of a doll or elf! But also whole wigs or beards and moustaches of fluffy yarn look nice. It gives your creation something sweet, something funny and something cuddly.


Now fluffy yarn is not always the easiest yarn to crochet with. But if you use stitch markers, preferably a lot, and a larger crochet hook, it becomes a lot easier. If you have crocheted with fluffy yarn more often, you can even feel where you have to put the crochet hook in your work.


Two examples of my creations with fluffy yarn can be seen here. Pedr the Viking with a beard crocheted from Fluffy yarn and Beachcomber Nol with hair and beard from yet another brand of fluffy yarn. The wilder the better!

Pedr the Viking with a fluffy yarn beard
Beachcomber Nol with beard and hair of fluffy yarn

Crocheting of beards and hair of acrylic yarn

A good alternative to fluffy yarn is to work with acrylic yarn. You already have hairy acrylic yarn that you can use, such as for an edge. But ordinary acrylic yarn can be brushed out very well. You tie threads from the yarn on the head of your doll or creation and you gently brush them out with a cat brush. You can also make a beard with brushing out acrylic yarn. 


Douwe Dabbert, for example, got hair and a beard from acrylic yarn. I combed this out very well and cut it neatly into shape. 

Douwe Dabbert with a beard of brushed acrylic yarn

Faux fur of fake fur: the alternative to fluffy and acrylic yarn!

A very nice and easy alternative to fluffy yarn and brushing out acrylic yarn is to use fake fur. Imitation fur is usually made of polyester, polyamide or acrylic. This results in beautiful furs that are sometimes indistinguishable from the real thing. Beautiful motifs can also be added and even more fun, they come in all kinds of colours and from short to long-haired. Maybe there is also an edge of fur on the hood of your winter coat?


Working with imitation fur

Fake fur is cut with sharp pointed scissors, preferably fabric scissors. Turn the fabric with the coat away from you, cut only through the fabric, not through the hairs or the coat. This way you prevent cutting those long hairs and you also prevent yourself from being chased by fluff for days!

Fake fur can be sewn with sewing thread or floss thread, or glued with textile glue. 


Long-haired or short-haired fur for your amigurumi

Using fake fur as an edge to boots, jackets and dresses. It only has to be a small thin edge and you already get a completely different effect. Cut off a strip of fake fur and sew or glue it as an edge on your creation.

Making a wig out of fur is of course also possible. You can create a tough comb with a strip of fur, but if you take strips of fur, you can cover the entire head. Sew or glue it. An amigurumi creation on which you have glued pieces of fur is of course not so suitable for playing with very intensively, but it is great to look at as a decoration.


Of course, you can crochet a beard and/or mustache for your gnome or tough guy, but how about a piece of long-haired fake fur? Just take a look at the pictures! You only need a small piece and the effect is really great! The wilder the better!


Gnome Jiggle has also grown a beard and even a moustache, made from a piece of long-haired thick white fake fur. Look at him sitting there! His moustache and beard neatly styled!

Alwin Oakleaf with hair of fake fur

Alwin Oakleaf with fake fur hair.

Christmas Gnomes with fake fur beards

These Christmas Gnomes have a beard of faux fur.

Gnome Jiggle with beard and moustache of fake fur

Leprechaun Jiggle has a beard and a moustache of fake fur.

Making pompon in different ways

You've probably made a pompom out of wool. Cut two circles of cardboard with a hole in the middle and then wrap wool around it. Such pompoms are super fun to make funny dolls, hang on your bag or put on a hat.

You can make pompoms in even more ways, for example around a fork or around a number of fingers, you get small pompoms. You can also make pompoms with a pompon maker.

To make pompoms in the above ways, you all use a ball of wool or acrylic.


How about a pumpkin made of fake fur?

They are so cheerful, colourful, long-haired and so very soft, those pompoms of fur! Hang them on your bag, your keychain, on your bike or attach one on top of a hat! Success guaranteed!


But did you know that they are also very nice as a body under a crocheted head? These fake fur pompoms with a crocheted head I call Funnies. Funnies come in all sorts, all with their own personality. There is a whole family of Funnies, there are Halloween Funnies, Christmas Funnies and Baby Funnies. In short, there is a Funnie for everyone. You can also hang these Funnies on your bag or keychain. They are very decorative. A nice little project in between for both the beginner and the advanced crocheter.


How to make a pompon from fake fur?

Making a fur pompon is not difficult at all. In a few simple steps you can also make a pompon from fake fur. It's all described in the free work description: How do I make a pompon from fake fur? A handy document to have on hand for when you are going to make one of the Funnies. Request it here.

Funny Mina with a body of a fake fur pompom

I hope I have given you new ideas to look a little differently at the hood of your winter coat, or at that nice piece of fake fur, which you have draped over a dresser ...!

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