Stitch markers are very handy

Published on 26 November 2023 at 13:26
Skein of yarn

Super handy, those stitch markers!

It just so happens to you that the doorbell rings...


At home I have a whole room full of my craft supplies and creations etc. I use that room more as storage. I prefer to sit in the living room crocheting. That's much more fun, at least that's what I think.


I have my special place on the couch, with a stool next to me with my things. When I'm home alone, there's often something on the couch as well. My cup of tea is on the table. The TV is on with a series that is easy to follow while crocheting. Of course, the remote control is within reach, so I can fast forward through the commercials or look back if I missed something important!


My pencil case with extra crochet hooks, scissors, needles and stitch markers is on a footstool under the coffee table. What could possibly go wrong, you might think?

My pencil case with crochet hooks, scissors and measuring tape.

Crochet project, a cup of tea and watching my favourite series

This way I can sit and crochet for a long time. But at some point you run out of tea, you have to go to the toilet or a parcel deliverer is ringing at the door. Maybe with a load of new skeins of yarn....?

These operations always require several actions! I put my series on hold, I have to put everything that's on me aside and I have to put my crochet work aside for a while. That is the critical point!


If you go to the bathroom, or you are going to grab a cup of tea, you can perform these actions calmly and consciously. If the doorbell rings, it's in a hurry. You're just in a count, the TV has to pause, everything has to be put aside to open the door quickly!

A cup of tea and some chocolate

A piece of thread was following me...


So it happened to me that I forgot to put a stitch marker in the loop, where normally the crochet hook sticks. The thread got stuck behind the button of my cardigan...

Can you picture it? There was a wire running from the couch to the front door, but the wire had not unrolled from the skein. No, it was from my crochet work! A whole piece had been frogged, which of course was not the intention. I could start all over again! And the parcel deliverer didn't even have skeins of yarn with him!


Now I always put a stitch marker in the loop when I put my crochet work away for a while. I write down where I left off and pause the TV. Then the parcel deliverer has to wait 2 seconds longer...


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a baal of cotton yarn

All nice stitch markers


Did you know that I have very nice stitch markers on the Dutch website? Take a look, there are such nice ones among them! These handy little tools ensure that you can pour a new cup of tea with peace of mind!


I only ship my stitch markers to the Netherlands and Belgium. All other countries are on request because the shipping costs are quite high. You can only find the stitch markers on my Dutch-language website.

But the crochet patterns can all of course be found on my English website!

All stitch markers

Multiple Ways to Use Stitch Markers


They are so much more fun, funnier and colorful than a thread of cotton to keep up with your turns! They are, of course: stitch markers! The plastic stitch markers break rather easily, so give me stitch markers made of metal, or cast of resin.


There are several ways you can use a stitch marker. I started this blog with 8 ways you can use stitch markers, but now there are many more! At the moment I think point 8 and point 12 are the best!! So don't let the number 8 fool you!

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