My crochet experiences of 2023

Published on 17 December 2023 at 12:01

2023: not just crochet patterns!

It's already the 3rd year that I'm making an overview of the past year in crochet patterns. I think this is a very nice tradition! All the crochet patterns released this year will pass by again and all the other fun things I have done and experienced in the field of crochet! For example, the webshop has been expanded with a number of yarn kits, crochet hooks and stitch markers. This year I was able to meet a lot of nice fellow designers, who were also present at Festivals or at the KreaDoe at Wolplein. You can read all about it in this blog!


Click on the pictures, they will lead you to the patterns.


I only ship my crochet hooks, stitch markers and yarnpackages to the Netherlands and Belgium. Other countries is on request due to transportation costs. You can find them on my Dutch website:

Joy, the little fairy from a magical camera

We started the year with a Fairy that came out of a camera.

Remember when Franklin received a gift from a distant uncle, who had sent all of Franklin's grandfather's stuff? In that box with special things there was also a magical camera. It took a while for Franklin to get the hang of it, but eventually he succeeded.

With this camera you can see fairies flying and if you press the button fast enough you can even catch such a fairy!

Well, catch it! Joy, the fairy from the camera, only shows herself when she feels like it. Because she liked Franklin so much, she dared to show herself.


There is also an addition to the pattern of the Fairy Joy, so you can let her sit in a ring, surrounded by flowers.

Alistair MacFire! This tough guy suddenly showed up on the doorstep!

Alistair MacFire wanted to see his distant cousin Franklin. He had heard a lot about him, so he wanted to get acquainted! That acquaintance was very nice! The afternoon ended with a nice BBQ!


Alistair MacFire is a distant cousin of Franklin's, on his mother's side. He has a tough job. He is a blacksmith and makes the most beautiful things with his hammer and anvil in his forge. Alistair makes knives to use in the kitchen, but he can also make a sword for you, if you want to hang it on the wall for decoration. 


If you've crocheted Franklin before, you have to crochet Alistair too!

BBQ: enjoy eating outside!

When Alistair came to visit Franklin, he had brought his own BBQ. He loves to prepare his food on the barbecue.

What Franklin and Victoria didn't know at the time is that he had also made this BBQ himself.


You can also crochet this BBQ yourself. It is a complete barbecue with knife and spatula and all kinds of vegetables and meat to prepare on the BBQ. For dessert, you can roast marshmallows. Crochet it now and you can eat outside with the nice weather!

Do you also love sleeping? Mandy & Sandy do too!

Sisters Sandy and Mandy are real sleepyheads! They love nothing more than to sleep in their beds! When they are awake, they continue to walk around in their nightgowns. They also have those cute slippers with a fluffy edge. A nightcap on their head and a cuddly toy in their arms completes the picture!


As an extra, there is also a sweet sleeping mask with this crochet pattern!

The crochet along of 2023: A Beach House as a crochet aid

I didn't hide my love for the beach and the sea this year! That would be something, wouldn't it?! A real Beach House!

You can use this beach house as a crochet aid and store your crochet hooks in it. There were a lot of ladies participating in this crochet along and there are a lot of beautiful beach houses crocheted.


Are you thinking, what is a crochet along? In this blog, I'll explain what it is and how it works. What is a Crochet Along?

A very special Oyster

This Oyster fits perfectly with the Beach House or with the other crochet patterns from my Beach and Sea collection. A sweet little crochet pattern from an oyster. Inside you won't find a pearl, as with other oysters, but a ball of cotton!

Design at Sea for Crazy on Crochet (Gep op Haken)

Gek op Haken is the nicest crochet club in the Netherlands and surroundings! As a member of Gek op Haken you have access to 300 crochet patterns and many more great deals!

Especially for the members of Gek op Haken I have designed this Fish Potholder and this Egg Warmer Boat, together at Sea. Something different and yet completely in my Beach and Sea theme.

A leprechaun or a puppet? A dancing leprechaun puppet Jiggle!

You can do both! You're in control! Do you just make a leprechaun who loves to dance or do you actually make a leprechaun who can dance? With this crochet pattern from gnome Jiggle it's possible. This pattern also includes the description of how to make a puppet out of him.

Will you join us on Safari with this crochet pattern from Tiger?

Wooden peg dolls were the inspiration to design Tiger. You can have a lot of fun playing with him. If you put a rattle bead in its body, it can also make a sound! Grrrr!


Tiger is designed for the Safari Festival of Wolplein on September 23, 2023.

Who knows, maybe some of Tiger's family members will come hopping by soon!

Safari Festival Wolplein

On September 23, the time had come! For the first time in a long time, Wolplein organized a Festival. I was one of the designers who were allowed to be there.

In the inspiration centre of Wolplein in Zaltbommel, each designer was given her own place to show her creations. The theme of this Festival was Safari and all the designers had designed a matching pattern to go with it. Mine is Tiger!!

It was a super successful day with nice fellow designers, staff of Wolplein and of course the public who came to watch!

KreaDoe 2023

This was so much fun! This year I was allowed to stand at the KreaDoe for 3 days. In the stand of Wolplein I had my own table! From there, Franklin, high up on my table, lured everyone into the booth!

I met a number of new fellow designers and met a lot of nice fans and enthusiasts. Especially Saturday was very busy, but really great to do. At the end of the day I had a nice dinner with Angelique (Mrs Milly), Marjan (Millionbells), Marja (Pixel 2 Mix) and Imke (Creïmtions)! We should definitely do that again soon, ladies!

A gift for myself: Project bag from Hobby Bags

After the busy and successful days at the KreaDoe, I thought I could give myself a present! I saw Just Kimberley walking around with such a nice project bag, that I took a look at the website of Hobby Bags by Inge Manders. She had a nice Project Bag in the colours of my website, with petrol as the base colour! I also ordered a Notions bag for my crochet hooks and a Stitch Marker bag, for my stitch markers and other small things. All three in the same beautiful fabric! I'm super happy with it!

Hand crafted crochet hooks

Hand-crafted crochet hooks

Did you know that crochet hooks could fly? Me neither, but once I put my hand-crafted crochet hooks on my website, they sold out in no time.

There are now a number of them online again, but for how long, I really have no idea!

Still an extra crochet pattern for the Coastal lover!

I couldn't resist! I didn't have a lighthouse among my Coastal designs yet, nor did I have an anchor or fishing net! I have combined these 3 in my Wall Hanger by the Sea.

You can choose to crochet a round or rectangular fishing net and decorate it with a lighthouse, an anchor, fish, crabs and a lifebuoy.

The starfish you see in the picture are from my crochet book On the Coast.

Where are you going to hang your fishing net?

Christmas Festival Wolplein

I ended my fair and Festival adventure of 2023 with the Christmas Festival on November 18. Again organized by Wolplein in the inspiration centre in Zaltbommel. Also for this day, all designers had made a nice creation with the theme Christmas. From my creative brain Flake the Snowflake was born, with the wish for a white Christmas! You can read all about Flake below.

I enjoyed a very well cared for and busy day at Wolplein. So nice to meet ladies I only know through Facebook!

A snowflake caught in a crochet pattern!

The last crochet pattern of this year is this super funny snowflake! Make as many as you like! You can make a garland out of it or hang it staggered in front of your window! Make them out of different materials and you'll get big and small snowflakes!

These flakes won't melt, so feel free to sit by the stove and crochet them! Will you help make it a white winter with lots of snow?


Flake the Snowflake is designed for the Christmas Amigurumi Festival of Wolplein on November 18, 2023.

Crochet Guild Australia

On Sinterklaas' birthday, December 5th, The Crochet Guild Australia announced their Christmas Newsletter, which included an article about my patterns! They took a picture of Chef Antoine to promote the newsletter! What an honour!

CB's Creations can now also be found on the other side of the world! This is a really nice way to end the year!

So great of you if you have read my year overview all the way to the end!!

Which pattern of mine is your favorite of 2023? I'm very curious!

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