The year in Crochet Patterns

Published on 1 January 2022 at 13:45
2021 in crochet patterns of CB's Creations

The year 2021 of CB's Creations in Crochet Patterns


It was a very special year! I like to keep lists and schedules, which I have also kept of the crochet patterns that I designed and published in 2021. There were no less than 12 patterns and all the patterns for my Amigurumi Crochet Bookazine Aan de Kust aswell! So together I released 27 patterns! I can say that it was a productive designing and crocheting year!

It was also a very diverse year from patterns for Easter to Halloween and Christmas, to a number of birds, a strong man, all kinds of Beach and Coast crochet patterns with a nice free pattern to end the year.

Are you reading along? It's always nice to see old acquaintances again or to get new inspiration!

Beach, Sea and Sand Crochet Patterns

The past year was dominated by Aan de Kust! My own Amigurumi Crochet Bookazine. I had been walking around with the idea of making my own crochet book for a while. I wanted to stay as close to myself as possible, so the theme became Beach, Sea and Sand. The thinking, inventing and crocheting started in February, the typing followed in July and August. In August, on a very nice afternoon, the outdoor photos were taken by Antoinette E Pas of AE Photography. In September the test crocheters Wilma, Marion, Thea and Yo started working, in the meantime I started pouring the patterns and photos into magazine form. And then in November there was my own book with crochet patterns! If you put it together so quickly, it seems like nothing, but it was solid work for 9 months, with all the other patterns that I still had to crochet that were in my head!


Aan de Kust is full of crocheted creations that for me have all to do with the coast and the beach. For example, you will meet Jutter Nol and Lighthouse keeper Rinus, but also Sailor Jo and Eb and Vloed (low and high tide) who are a day at the beach. These are my musings about the time I spent in Den Helder, my piece of coast. But you might as well find my creations on any other part of the Dutch Coast.

It was such an amazing and educational experience to create and publish my own bookazine!


Do you want to see what other patterns there are in Aan de Kust? This Bookazine is in Dutch only and in printed form.

Flowers and perfume in the form of a crochet pattern

The year started in January with the release of Poppy's amigurumi crochet pattern. Poppy is my poppy Fairy. Originally, the poppy is red in colour, but nowadays there are several colour variants. Poppy is wonderfully sweet in all kinds of pink shades that you can also encounter with poppies. She has a lace edge on her socks and bottoms. She also has a poppy on her hat and a poppy-bag. She's ready to visit! With whom? Maybe she will visit you!!


In February this flower girl was followed by perfume bottles, but in the crocheted way of course!

These perfume bottles have a vintage appearance. Super cute to put a few together, for example under a bell jar. To make it look more real, I used a drawer or cabinet knob as a cap for one of the bottles. It is a crochet pattern combined with a little bit of crafting.

Noisy birds to crochet

You probably know them, those noisy birds that, in the morning, when you are still in bed, talking noisily in the tree with their friends! Don't you think it seems like they're always talking about you?! I looked into my container full of Stone Washed yarn and immediately got inspiration!

I designed a whole family of noisy birds to crochet yourself. They are very colourful and know when to keep their beak. These Squeek, Tweet and Sweet are very suitable to let all your imagination loose. Make them as colourful as you want!

Family of birds crochet pattern

Crocheting for Easter, Halloween and Christmas

Gnomes are such funny gnomes, you can also make different variations of them. These Gnomes want to keep your eggs warm!! They're too nice not to allow them to do this. Make them in all the colours you want, brighten up your breakfast table with them and put a smile on everyone's faces! Do you not want to crochet a beard with fluffy yarn for this nice crochet pattern for Easter? Then use a piece of fake fur!



Witches, Scarecrows, Mummies and Ghosts are often seen on Halloween. For this year I designed a Halloween Cat and Mouse crochet pattern.

Cat Simsala is making delicious mouse soup! To be precise, Mouse Bim soup! No, of course not! Cat Simsala and mouse Bim love a joke! They celebrate Halloween and will soon cook a delicious Pumpkin soup!


My last pattern before my Crochet Bookazine was released was Hope and Sparkle. On my summer holiday I put the finishing touches and this nice couple.

Sparkle and Hope are my vintage Christmas elves! Real helpers of Santa Claus, they are at home in all markets! They help with wrapping presents and baking tasty cookies. If you don't lpay attention for a minute, they have already hung the Christmas decorations. In my house they can rest, together on the edge of the dresser, where they can let their legs dangle over the edge.

For this amigurumi crochet pattern, use real Christmas colours if you are not so fond of the vintage colours!

Secretly stron Simon Crochet Pattern

Crocheting a Strong Man

In May Simon showed how strong he is! Now the CB's Creations family is 2 sporty men rich!  

Who doesn't want to be very strong once?! Just like the strong men of a century or 2 ago, they were not such muscular men, but very strong men! But were they really that strong? Make Simon's amigurumi crochet pattern and you'll find out!

Fancy a cup of tea? Grab your crochet hook!

In June and July I organized my 6th Crochet Along (CAL). I was inspired by a Dutch children's song Sailing, drinking tea.

Who, in the Netherlands, doesn't know this song! Floating on the water, on the way to the other side where we drink a delicious cup of tea. The dog is having a great time in the Teacup, just to be on the safe side he has also brought his swimming band duckling, in case the Teacup turns over. As an oar, he of course uses the spoon. At the flag on the mast you can see where the wind blows!

It has become a crochet pattern again, where crafts and crocheting are combined.

Crochet Pattern dog in cup of tea

Free Crochet Patterns

I released three free crochet patterns this year.

First of all, before Poppy, my flower girl, I designed a bookmark, with a small poppy. Crochet with this pattern a super sweet flower as a bookmark for between your favourite crochet book or reading book!


After releasing the Cup of Tea pattern, I thought it was time for a nice little gift for a real tea lover! Crochet a Tea gift bag, put a tasty tea-bag in it, there is also room for a delicious chocolate! Decorate the bag with a nice heart or something that fits perfectly with the tea lover!


And finally, I used my leftover dark red and burgundy yarn, by crocheting a lot of red chili’s. I attached them all to a braided strand of sisal rope and attached them to a wooden cutting board. It is a nice little crochet project with a high decorative value.

It hangs in my kitchen next to the strand of crocheted garlic.

Crochet pattern bookmark flower
Crochet pattern tea gift bag
Red Chili Crochet pattern

Which of these patterns have you already crocheted or are still on your wish list? I am very curious. All of my crochet patterns can be found here:

All patterns of 2022 are also gathered in a blog! 2022: A year full of crochet patterns!

Do you want to be kept informed of all new patterns, promotions, facts and discounts? Then follow Franklin's stories!

He also has a nice free crochet pattern of his Pocket Watch for you!


Free crochet pattern Pocket Watch

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