To Ami or not to Ami, that is the question!

Published on 4 March 2022 at 11:57

This is a guestblog of Sue Stapleton from Auburncraft Crochet Design

Different types of crochet

Crochet is such a diverse form of art with so many different types to be found all sitting under the same label of crochet.

There is this hidden line where some do not dare to cross that seems to separate the many different types and styles.

  • Traditional crochet
  • Modern crochet
  • Mosaic crochet
  • Amigurumi Crochet
  • Mochila Crochet
  • Tapestry crochet
  • Filet crochet


I could go on, but I am sure you get the idea!


Like most designers one must try and find their own little niche. 

I tend to probably fall under the category of Modern/Traditional crochet and sometimes my own heading of quirky crochet.  Many of my designs feature my own unique dragonflies. Most are blankets and shawls but on the rare occasion I do dabble in other things.   I DON’T do AMIGURUMI.  And in fact, I have a hard enough time just spelling the word and must stop and think each time I go to use it.


Borrowing patterns

One would think that with this impediment and basically lack of desire to do Ami crochet, that this would mean that I don’t have much in common with the lovely, Claudia Bierau of CB Creations But this is not the case. I crossed paths with Claudia a few years back when there was a bit of an issue with someone ‘BORROWING’ one of her designs for their own use and pattern.  We hit it off and have stayed in contact ever since. 

She tolerates my lack of anything AMI related and Oohs and Ahhs, over my own makes and designs in an appropriate manner, so we get along just fine.  She also tolerates my Aussie humour.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Ami crochet is super fine and I love the items produced, but I will stay in my lane and stick to my dragonfly designs. 

Dragonfly blanket Cindee Rose
Become Cindee Rose blanket

Dragonfly Designs

I have always had a love of dragonflies and flowers, and this is the theme that appears in many things I make.  I have over 100 designs to my name and 15 of these feature dragonflies in some manner or form. 

I love Dragonflies and find them to be an uplifting creature. I have a lot where I live and watch them often as they flit about, so busy in their task and as if on a mission of their own. They always bring a smile to my face.


Become a Dragonfly Cindee Rose

One of my favourite dragonfly designs would have to be a blanket I did last year as a tribute to a good friend and pattern tester of mine.  She lost her life to the big ‘C’ and had very little time from the news of this illness, to leaving this world.  Cindy loved testing patterns for me and loved my dragonflies. She loved the colour purple and a yarn that many not from Australian may not be aware of, Bendigo Woollen Mill cotton.  So my design had all these things.

 I put it to my pattern test group that I wanted testers for this special make to work in the colour purple. I was amazed at how many applied to test and in the end, we had a sea of purple blankets.  I named this design ‘Become a Dragonfly Cindee Rose’.  $1 from all sales in the month of launch was donated to the Flying Doctors Service as Cindy’s daughter stated her mother would have liked that. 


Cindees Blanket

Below is the poem that I wrote and that appears in the pattern:

When you chance to see a dragonfly

with wings of pearl and knowing eye.

Darting upwards to open sky.

Think of me, but please don't cry.

Auburncraft Crochet Design

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Teri Robbins
2 years ago

What a great list! I really enjoyed getting to know you both a little better and understand your friendship. I have several friends from our wonderful online crochet community. My girls are surprised that I stalk about y’all like we’re “in person” friends. 💙