Interview with Mrs Milly

Published on 8 March 2022 at 15:38
Interview Mrs Milly

Mrs Milly designs super cute long legged creations, often with striped legs in delicious sweet colours!  But there are also other cute creations from her hand such as Puck the Polar Bear and the monkeys Ziggy and Zoë!! 

The designer behind Mrs. Milly is Angelique Millonzi. In this interview you will learn everything about Angelique and Mrs. Milly. Have fun reading this interview!

Introduce yourself briefly

My name is Angelique Millonzi and I am the designer behind Mrs Milly. I am 48 years old and I live with my husband and two adolescent sons in Losser, a village near the German border, behind Enschede (The Netherlands). My father-in-law is from Italy, hence my beautiful foreign surname.


 As a child I was always creative. I liked to do crafts and drawing. For example, I made houses out of cardboard for my stuffed animals or clothes out of fabric and yarn for my Barbie dolls. Eventually I continued drawing and painting at the Art Academy. After the academy I always continued to paint and draw in addition to a permanent job, until I rediscovered crocheting in 2017. I found this much more fun than illustrating: actually I still design and come up with all kinds of figures and dolls, but now I work them out in 3D instead of 2D. I still want to design so much beautiful creatures and hope to be able to show you many of my creations!

Angelique Millonzi

How long have you been crocheting? Have you taught yourself?

As a child I learned to crochet and knit from my mother. My mother was very creative and made all our clothes herself, she could sew, knit and crochet very well. 


A few years ago I started crocheting again because of Marjan Schepers, or Millionbells. She crocheted the most beautiful things and ignited me with this wonderful addiction. The most fun thing for me is designing: the thinking, the crocheting, the endlessly frogging because it is not what you want (okay, this piece is sometimes less fun 😉) and ultimately the result. I still enjoy this process, in which a figment of my imagination is realized into an amigurumi.

Scheep Lize

Why did you choose Mrs Milly?

At first I designed under the name Angelique Millonzi Designs, but that was quite a mouthful. When I started making a website I immediately changed the brand name to Mrs Milly: Mrs because I am married, and Milly is actually a shortening of Millonzi. This is a lot easier to remember!

Unicorn Lilly

Where do you get your inspiration from?

It comes naturally, I'm very happy with that. Usually when I have an amigurumi almost finished the following idea comes. I don't get a hundred ideas at once! I have a preference for sweet and cute and animals are my favourite subject. In addition, I really like working with stripes and dots and I try to pass on crochet fun and cheerfulness through my patterns and designs.

Describe your workplace, what really should not be missing there?

I have two workplaces. Downstairs in the living room is a desk with my laptop and a basket with yarn. What I come up with I can enter immediately on the laptop. When I have some time I continue with my project and in the meantime I am there for the boys on my days off when they come out of school and I can do some household chores in between. In the attic I have a small room where I store everything. There is my modest stock of yarn (it is really not much, it would fit in 1 big shopper) and where I can sit down if I really want to continue working quietly. I store my amigurumi's here dust-free and dark so that they do not discolour. 

Suppose you had to choose a completely different profession, what would you like to do?

I would like to crochet full-time and give workshops! 



What are you currently working on? 

I've been in the Christmas spirit for a while. My Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and a sweet Christmas fairy are now online. I'm also working on a new project, but I can't tell you anything about it yet....

Zara and Ziva
Christmas Elf

Want to see more?

Take a look at Facebook: Mrs Milly or on her website: Mrs Milly

Angelique also has an Etsy Shop 👉 Mrs Milly

But of course you can also order the patterns directly from Mrs Milly! Send her a message or an e-mail:

Would you like to read an interview with another designer? Let me know and I'm going to see if I can ask this designer a few questions!

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