Alistair MacFire, Blacksmith and Elf

Published on 13 February 2023 at 19:02
Blog: Alistair MacFire, Elf & Blacksmith

Alistait MacFire, Elf & Blacksmith!

Let your imagination run wild!

After having designed a number of smaller creations in recent months, I thought it would be fun to make a somewhat larger creation. That's what Alistair has become. Alistair is not the biggest with his 43 cm, that remains Franklin Forge with his 50+ cm, but if you compare him with Flint or Joy, then he is really a giant!


If you know my patterns a bit, you probably know that I like to design creations with character. I really enjoy telling stories with my designs. Each creation lends itself to its own story, but in the world of the Elves I can let my imagination really run wild!

Franklin Forge and Victoria Amber Fleming

I get this question a lot: Are Franklin and Victoria having children? No, Franklin and Victoria are not having children. They are already elderly and have a great time with each other and with all the other creations here in the house. Of course they also take care of the goat Milton James and the 3 kittens of Cattery Fra Vesken. They are very busy and are often away for a day to take a walk somewhere.

Franklin also got his magic stuff from his grandfather. By a stroke of luck or accident, he was able to take a picture of an Elf in the forest with his magic camera. So you will regularly find 3 Elves at Franklin and Victoria, who occasionally fly in!

If you want to know more about Franklin and Victoria, take a look at the special page franklin has on the CB’s Creations website! 👉

Alistair steampunk crochet pattern

An Elf and a blacksmith

No kids for Franklin and Victoria, but that doesn't mean they don't have family members! In the style of Franklin and Victoria I started designing. It was going to be a male Elf, that was already certain, but what next?

As you may see, Alistair has a different shape head, different cheeks and a different nose. His feet are also designed differently than those of Franklin and Victoria.


Do you know the program Forged in Fire that airs on the History Channel? In that program, a number of blacksmiths always compete against each other to forge the best and most beautiful knife or sword possible in a short time.

That program was the inspiration for my Alistair MacFire. An Elf with a real profession and then also a tough guy too!

I chose the name MacFire because it fits perfectly with Franklin Forge. Alistair is a cousin of Franklin's mother's side, the MacFires. Franklin’s mother, Elizabeth MacFire, married Benjamin Forge a long time ago! But that's a story for another time!

Crochetwork and electrical wire

As you may know, I often work with electrical wire. That's just my thing! I make the frame or reinforcement for my creation. It is sometimes a challenge to crochet with a thread in the middle, fortunately I wear glasses. 😉 It is wise to bend the end of the wire!

Working with a frame gives the creation just that little bit extra. You can then put them in all kinds of positions to take a different photo each time. 

Do you think, no, that wire is not for me! No problem! All my creations can also be made without wire. It's a matter of filling it up properly!

Electricity wire in the body
crocheting hair with fluffy yarn

Hair! Fluffy hair!!

Another thing that you find in many of my creations is fluffy yarn. I love fluffy yarn! Not only to look at and occasionally feel how soft it is, but also to crochet with! Alistair also has beautiful reddish-brown hair crocheted with fluffy yarn.

There are several alternatives to crocheting with Fluffy Yarn. Have you ever thought of a piece of fake fur?

But the real die hard’s try to crochet with fluffy yarn of course. I have a blog for you with some useful tips for crocheting with fluffy yarn.

Great tips to crochet with fluffy yarn!

Good tools

Every profession and every hobby has its own special tools. Just as I as a designer have a case full of crochet tools, as an avid crocheter you have that too! The type and brand of crochet hooks could differ, everyone has their own favourite crochet hook.

Alistair also uses special tools to practice his profession as a blacksmith. He has already made many swords and knives with his hammer and anvil!

Anvil, hammer and sword, crochet pattern
Franklin and Alistair together

The story of Alistair MacFire

As just revealed, Alistair is a distant cousin of Franklin Forge, on his mother's side, the MacFires. Alistair learned the trade of blacksmith from his father, Douglas MacFire. Alistair is a true craftsman! He has a complete forge at home where he uses fire, his hammer and anvil to turn iron into swords and knives! Swords for ornamental use and knives to use in the kitchen!


Alistair is a tough guy, he has 2 earrings in, a nice ring and bracelet on. In his spare time he is an artist on the BBQ. Right now he's thinking about forging his own BBQ! He will certainly succeed!

The information about the BBQ can be found below!


Amigurumi crochet pattern

The Alistair crochet pattern is suitable for the crocheter who likes a challenge. It really is a pattern in which you can put all your imagination. Vary with his colours and the fluffy yarn on his head! Give him a few other earrings and other jewellery. You can really make it the way you want it!

Amigurumi Crochet pattern Alistair MacFire


Alistair managed to make a barbecue, complete with knife and spatula.

All vegetables and meat can also be found in the crochet pattern!

He can now work in the garden to prepare the tastiest dishes!

BBQ crochet pattern with vegetables and meat

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