The nose of the Easter Bunny

Published on 7 March 2023 at 13:58
Blog: the nose of the Easter Bunny

The nose of the Easter Bunny!

Patience and starting over

Sometimes designing a creation does not go smoothly. Very often I have in mind how I want to make a creation. Nine times out of ten it works out the way I want it to. But that one time it takes a little longer. Then it is often a matter of patience or of starting over again. That was also the case when designing my Easter Wall Decoration. Are you reading along?


The creations in my wooden pallet

There is a wooden pallet in our living room. Maybe you've seen pictures of it. I painted it white with chalk paint, my husband made an extra shelf, under which some little hooks are attached. At the top right, two stone buttons are attached to hang creations. Per season I change what is in my pallet. For example, all my Jumping Jack crochet patterns such as my Santa Claus, Christmas Eleven, Witch and Scarecrow, are very suitable to hang on my pallet.

Crochet pattern Beach and Sea

I specially designed my Beach and Sea set to put in my pallet. If you don't live so close to the beach and the sea, then you should bring the sea and the beach into your home!

I can hang the driftwood fish together with the boat and the lifebuoy and the seagulls sit comfortably on the shelves looking into the living room.


Easter at home!

I found out that I didn't have anything for Easter to hang in my pallet. To put down, like the Easter trio, but nothing to hang yet.

The Easter trio, the Easter bunny, the chicken and the lamb occasionally adorn my pallet. But they are also very nice in a beautiful bowl full of straw and decorated with small eggs.

So looking for something nice for Easter to hang up!

Made of wood, I had a nice chicken for Easter to hang outside in the garden. That seemed like a nice idea to recreate it in a crocheted form!

The chicken was designed and crocheted like this. And even if I say so myself, the chicken looks pretty cute!

The Easter Bunny

The next design was an Easter Bunny. I was very satisfied with the body, satisfied with the legs, satisfied with the ears, but if I put everything together then I didn't like it a bit!!


It often happens to me that I am not satisfied with a creation. Then I just put it on the shelf, in plain sight, and walk around it and past it for a few days, until I know what I want to change.


But now I didn't like it that much. Should I change the colour of the Easter Bunny or the shape of the nose or both? Or do I leave it hanging for a while and think about it for a while?

After taking some time to think about it, I went back to the Easter Bunny. I undid the ears again. I put the ears much closer together, on top of the head. No, I still didn't really like it.

Nose of the Easter Bunny

I just removed the nose, the mouth and the whiskers. Just start over again!


I redesigned the nose and crocheted it in a different colour. Also the mouth done differently and other material was taken for the whiskers. The Easter Bunny has also been given a sweet bow tie and a carrot. And what turns out? I like him now!! I hope you like him too.


Was it all about the Easter Bunny's nose!!


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There you will also come across the Easter Wall Decorations with even more fun Easter patterns!

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