Lovely crochet patterns for Easter

Published on 17 February 2024 at 19:05
the most beautiful crochet patterns for Easter

The most beautiful crochet patterns for Easter

It's almost Easter again!

If you say Easter, I say Chocolate Easter eggs! As soon as Santa Claus has flown his sleigh back to the North Pole, you can already find them in the shops: Chocolate Easter eggs! Closely followed by chocolate Easter bunnies and other Easter delicacies! I have no problems with that at all, because when I think that I want to take other photos of my Easter creations, these delicious chocolates serve as an extra for a nice photo shoot! If you see me putting Easter eggs in my basket in the store, that's for my crochet creations! ;)


Is it an Easter bunny or an Easter hare or rabbit?

In our country, in the Netherlands, a hare brings eggs at Easter, in English-speaking countries it is a  rabbit. Yet they are both descended from a German Easter Bunny. At the end of the 18th century, it first appeared in German children's pictures and books. From Germany, the Easter Bunny spread to the rest of Europe.

When many Europeans moved to America in the nineteenth century, they took their Easter bunny customs with them. Somewhere along the way, the hare was replaced by a rabbit, presumably because the sweet word 'bunny' (rabbit) was more in line with the children's world than the harder 'hare'.


Witches at Easter?!

I have another very fun fact for you. In Sweden, children believe in Easter witches: according to Swedish tradition, it was common for witches to fly to a legendary mountain on Thursday before Easter. According to tradition, Swedish children dress up as witches and go door-to-door to wish their neighbours a happy Easter in exchange for treats.


All crocheted Spring and Easter creations

I have collected all my amigurumi crochet patterns for Easter and Spring together in this blog.  Who knows, you might meet a few acquaintances, but it could also be that your latest crochet project is in between!  My collection is not that big, but super fun of course! Maybe it's time for a new Easter or Spring pattern. The idea of Witches at Easter also appeals to me! 

Click on the image and it will take you to the pattern.


Let's start with a little pattern! 

Egg Warmer Gnome

Keep your eggs warm with these super funny Gnome Egg Warmers! You really brighten up your Easter breakfast or brunch with these gnomes! Crochet the beards with fluffy yarn or use a piece of fake fur. This crochet pattern is a nice little project. Give them to your guests after the Easter breakfast and they will go home smiling! Success guaranteed!

New- New!! Henny Hen!

Henny Hen thinks it's still a bit cold in the morning and likes to put on her shawl! She is a very nice sturdy lady, who likes to keep you company!

A beautiful crochet project for Easter!

Easter Trio – Easter Bunny, Easter chicken and lamb

Aren't they super fun, this Easter Trio?! This crocheted Easter Bunny is accompanied by a cute chicken and a beautiful lamb!  They are not only decorative on the Easter table, but also to make a beautiful spring decoration. Find a suitable bowl and put them between some straw and decorate with Easter eggs! 

Bring Spring into your home with this Gnome

Give the Easter Bunny a break and let these cheerful Gnomes paint the eggs and dress up your Easter table! Tomtes are thought to be there only in winter, but these little guys prove otherwise. Grab your crochet hook and some cotton in soft colours and get started with this fun crochet pattern!

Painting eggs with the Easter Bunny

Harrison Hare loves to paint. He likes to paint Easter eggs, but in his spare time he likes to paint something else, such as a carrot. This crochet pattern of this creative hare is made with Stone Washed yarn, which has made it nice and big. The pattern is complete with the description of a jar of paint, a paintbrush, eggs and a carrot. 


Combine Crafts and Crochet with this Easter Wall Decoration!

Do you like crafts and crochet? Then this is a very nice crochet pattern for Easter. An Easter Bunny and a Easter chicken to hang on the wall. But I also see such a cheerful chicken hanging in the kitchen. Get a piece of cardboard, scissors, coloured iron wire or a few pipe cleaners and pliers. Then look for your crochet hook and the suitable colours of acrylic yarn. A drawing of the template of the body can also be found in the crochet pattern.

If you plan to crochet this pattern with cotton, you have to make the template a little smaller, but that's easy!

Easter and chocolate: Hares Truffle and Fudge

After all, they belong together: Easter and chocolate. This way the bunnies Truffle and Fudge also belong together! They both have a carrot bag or carrot backpack and are wearing cheerful dungarees and a beautiful dress! You can play and cuddle with these chocolate bunnies!

Get started soon, and you'll be ready in plenty of time for Easter!

If you’re saying Spring, you must think of flowers!

Real spring flowers are of course tulips and daffodils. I have a super cute Poppy girl for you: Poppy! Sow the poppy in early spring and you will have beautiful flowers from May to July! If you crochet Poppy in the spring, you'll not only enjoy her from May to July, but really all year long!

She doesn't need water, all you have to do is to crochet her! 

Free Crochet Pattern for Easter

Finally, I also have a free crochet pattern for Easter for you: The Crazy Egg Warmers!

This little project is very nice to use your leftover cotton. Also, only a little fluffy yarn is needed, or you use a small piece of fake fur. In an instant, you can crochet a few of these funny egg warmers.

Crocheting with Fluffy yarn

Between the crochet patterns for Easter there are a number of patterns, such as the Gnomes, where you crochet with fluffy yarn. I love fluffy yarn, but I can imagine that you don't always like it so much! That's why I have a blog with tips for you to crochet with fluffy yarn.

Tips for crocheting with Fluffy Yarn!

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