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Published on 23 February 2024 at 10:47
visiting a fantasy festival

Also visit a Fantasy Fest or a Castle Fest!

In addition to a very nice afternoon or day, it also provides you with a lot of inspiration! I should know!

Without Franklin, there would be no CB's Creations

The reason why I started CB's Creations is Mr. Franklin Forge, my Steampunk Elf, or for his friends, just Franklin. He has had many adventures, alone, but also together with the other family members of CB's Creations.


If you want to read more about him, he has his own page: Franklin Forge

But what exactly is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a fantasy movement that combines the Victorian era with science fiction and where steam power is still the most important technology. Futuristic inventions are being made, and people are using mechanical parts in clothing and utensils. The clothing reminds you of the Victorian dresses and costumes, which are decorated with fictitious weapons, steam power machinery, clocks, radars, necklaces and goggles (glasses). Hats are also decorated with pointers and cogs. Clocks and gears are central to Steampunk.


Franklin Forge, Steampunk Elf

Franklin doesn't wear a top hat for nothing, with glasses on the brim. He wears a long waistcoat and always has his pocket watch with him. Until recently, he lived in a small station. He loves steam engines and is fascinated by clocks and time. His girlfriend Victoria Amber Fleming is dressed in the same Victorian and Steampunk style.

Fantasy Fest or Castle Fest

A Fantasy Fest is an event that is usually organized in the context of fantasy, science fiction, or cosplay. It is a celebration where people come together to dress up as characters from books, movies, comics or video games. So it's very broad from medieval fantasy to science fiction, a mix of Gothic, Steampunk and Victorian style, but also anime, manga and comics.


A Castle Fest, on the other hand, often takes place at a castle location or a large outdoor venue and offers a unique atmosphere inspired by medieval times, with music, entertainment, markets, and activities to match that theme. While people still dress up as fantasy characters at a Castle Fest, the focus is often more on medieval clothing and atmosphere.


At both festivals you will find many stalls where you could buy the best trinkets. In addition to the many stalls, workshops and demonstrations are also given. You can enjoy performances and you can eat and drink in style.

You can be whoever you want to be!

On the 17th of February, together with Marja from Pixel 2 Mix, I visited the Fantasy Fest in Rijswijk. I had heard of it before, just as I had heard of a Castle Fest, because my eldest son had been there, but I had never been there myself. Neither does Marja, for that matter!


So at the Fantasy Fest you can be whoever you want! Marja and I had just gone there as ourselves. We immersed ourselves in Fantasy Fest!

I couldn't believe my eyes. Besides seeing a lot of nice stalls, I also saw so many interesting people walking around at the Fantasy Fest! From elves to Vikings, from people from the Middle Ages to Harry Potters, from Snow White to a fox! It was a continuous stream of inspiration!


Lots of crochet at the Fantasy Fest

A pleasant surprise was the amount of crochet at the Fantasy Fest. We both didn't expect that there is quite a lot of crochet in the Fantasy world. Not only were many cuddly toys and other Fantasy creations offered for sale, such as large dragons, but also special crocheted shawls and belts.  

There were also plenty of ladies crocheting. On one stall we even found some yarn kits of those nice sweet creations.

Pedr the Viking together with Holly, Poppy and Ent

Some of my creations would have felt right at home among all the visitors of the Fantasy Fest. Obvious ones are, of course, Franklin Forge and Victoria Amber Fleming.

But I could also have run into Franklin's nephew, Alistair MacFire, there. He is a mix of Steampunk with medieval traits.


When I was looking at a stall and turned around, there was a Viking standing next to me. Pedr the Viking would have liked that too!


There were a lot of Elves and Fauns walking around, some with horns, like Alwin Oakleaf, others looked more like Holly, Ent and Poppy.

It was a real treat!

It was a real treat to look at all these Fantasy figures. The Victorian ladies and gentlemen, who walked around tight in suits and dresses. It was like going back in time a few centuries. I enjoyed all those beautiful headdresses and beautiful medieval robes. It has given me so much inspiration!! I have to start designing soon!


Did we buy anything?

I bought 2 beautiful bracelets and we both went home with a box of chocolates! 😉

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