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Victoria Amber Fleming, PDF


Victoria Amber Fleming, girlfriend of Mr. Franklin Forge

Victoria lives in a cottage near the sea. She loves to see, hear and smell the sea! She can often be found at the beach, because you never know what you'll find. She always has a bunch of keys with her, handy for opening doors and chests, which would otherwise remain closed. She also likes to travel, not only by boat, but also by train. Close to the coast is an old train station where she regularly comes...

Used Materials:
Head, hands and feet: Amy 100% polyester, 50gr/140m, NLD 2.5-3, skin-color, used: 84gr/Hair Fluffy 50gr/108m, NLD 5-6, used: 66gr/Hairpiece and legging/trousers: Lammy Yarns Rio cotton, 50gr/125m, NLD 3-3.5, black, used: 32gr/Legging/trousers: Pingouin cotton, 50gr/105m, NLD 2.5-3, grey, used: 16gr
Shirt and edge of coat: Klassik cotton, 50gr/115m, NLD 3-4, blue/green, used: 80gr/Coat and hat: Pingouin cotton, 50gr/105m, NLD 2.5-3, teal (dark blue/green), used: 130gr/Gloves: Embroidery yarn, 4 strings of 8m per piece and crochet hook 1,5, blue/green./Pouch: Acrylic yarn blue/green, used approx. 6gr.

This PDF consists of 27 pages with instructions and pictures to show you how you can crochet Victoria yourself. The Crochet pattern uses US stitches and abbreviations. She is about 50cm tall.

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