Paint your own safety eyes

Published on 18 March 2024 at 18:59
Painting Safety eyes

Paint your own safety eyes with nail polish, paint and glitter


Your crochet creation deserves beautiful eyes!

You probably regularly use safety eyes for your crochet creations. The safety eyes you can buy are either completely black or brown, green or blue with a black pupil. But you can also buy eyes that are transparent, with a black pupil in the middle. So you can give it the colour you want!


Own painted eyes are unique!

Do you like to fiddle, mess around a bit, don't mind that your fingers get dirty and that you get covered in glitter?


Then painting your own eyes is a nice finishing touch for your crochet creations! In this way, you create eyes that match your creation exactly and that no one else has. Let's get started.

Nailpolish, glitter and paint to paint the safety eyes

What do you need to paint your own eyes?


*Safety eyes/eyes with a transparent rim (iris) in a variety of sizes

*Nail polish in all kinds of colours, with and without glitter

*Clear nail polish to finish everything off

*Paint, e.g. 3D pearl paint

*Glitter in all kinds of colours

*Pin or needle to apply the nail polish and paint in stripes to the eyes.


Before you start, lay out a white sheet of paper on which you will work. You can also put drops of nail polish and paint on it to add small accents. The glitter that remains can be thrown away afterwards.


Note: the smaller the size of the eyes, the more fiddly it gets and the more you will be covered in nail polish and glitter!!

Safety eyes painted with glitter and nailpolish

Back of the safety eyelets


I took eyes of 8mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm.

We paint the back of the eyes. The paint or nail polish that you put on first, you will also see first in the iris. You have to take that into account a bit, if you want to use a lot of different colors and accents. If the eye is already completely blue, you can no longer add a yellow accent to it.


Tip: let the eyes dry very well before using them in a creation. It might just happen that you have to re-crochet a part! I could know!!

How to Paint Safety Eyes in 2 Easy Ways


Simple Way

The easiest way to paint eyes is to get a nail polish in the color you like with a sparkle in it. You paint the back, let it dry thoroughly. Paint it again with clear nail polish and you can place them in your crochet creation!


2nd easy way with nice result

First paint the eye with clear nail polish, then sprinkle glitter on it in the color you like. Shake off the excess and let it dry thoroughly. Then finish with clear nail polish.


On the right you can see some examples of painted safety eyes, ready to show off a crocheted creation!

The left row of eyes are painted with glitter and clear nail polish, the bottom one is only painted with nail polish. The eyes on the right are a combination of colors, which is discussed below.

Examples of unique safety eyes
Painted safety eyes with paint and nailpolish

Do you want to give your amigurumi really special eyes?


Collect some colours that you want to see together. I work from light to dark.


Then first put a few dots with, for example, yellow. Pull it towards the sides with the pin or needle, from the inside out, so that they become stripes.

Take a different colour, light brown for example, and make a few dots and draw stripes again with your needle. Always clean the end of the needle. (that's why my hands are covered in nail polish...)

At the edge of the eye I apply an edge of dark nail polish.

Always check if it is to your liking. As long as it's not dry, you can always wipe it off again.

With brown, with glitter, I paint some larger pieces and draw stripes again.

Then finish with a somewhat darker colour, so that the lighter colours of the beginning will be clearly visible.

Purple white eyes


Polishing with transparent nail polish, there may also be a little glitter in it.

Sprinkle some purple glitter on top, but don’t sprinkle all the way

Put some dots on the eye with white nail polish, let it dry well

Paint the entire eye with pink nail polish

Also paint the entire eye with a dark purple nail polish.

Example of a painted eye for amigurumi
Painting safety eyes with purple paint

Good luck painting your own eyes.



I have another very helpful video for you here:


I love pictures! So did you make a crochet creation with self-painted eyes? Send me a picture, I’d love to see them.



The creations in my Amigurumi Crochet Bookazine Aan de Kust all have self-painted safety eyes!


But also the birds Squeek, Tweet and Sweet all have their own painted eyes!


Take a closer look!

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