The cutest birds to crochet and to cuddle

Published on 31 March 2024 at 14:06
2 crocheted birds on a tree

The cutest birds to crochet and to cuddle!

Large and small birds

Did you know that I have 12 crochet patterns, where either a bird plays the leading role or where a bird is a part? I didn't know there were so many! They all have a special reason why I designed them. Often also a very personal reason.


There are a few small birds among them, which you could also very well make a keychain of. There are also a few medium-sized birds such as the gulls, geese and the flamingo. These are super nice as decoration and as a small cuddly toy. The Squeek family, Tweet and Sweet are the real big birds that can't wait to cuddle with you!


Who will you meet?

Farmer Hank

Squeek, Tweet & Sweet


Faye Flamingo

Jack & Coco Goose


All little birds


If you click on the pictures, you will get to the pattern!

Let's start with Farmer Henk!

The sound of approaching summer!

For me, the sound of a swallow is the sound that comes with summer. You probably know this saying: One swallow does not make a summer, but several does! I came up with that last bit myself!

In the crochet pattern of Farmer Hank I tried to catch the summer in a crochet pattern. Farmer Hank is dressed in the colors of a barn swallow, but he also has a cap in the shape of a swallow. As soon as he hears the swallows, he puts on his Swallow cap and celebrates that summer is coming!

Farmer Henk has not become a real bird. This crochet pattern is the exception among all other crochet patterns that really do feature a bird!

Do you want to read the whole story of Farmer Hank? You can find it here: The Summer caught in a crochet pattern.

In May, all birds lay an egg!

In May, all birds lay an egg,

Except the lapwing and the black-tailed gotwit, which do not lay in the month of May.

Also Squeek and Tweet, which do not lay in the month of May.

They take a little longer, for Sweet their beautiful girl!


The inspiration to make Squeek and Tweet came from the magpies and chews in our street. They're making so much noise early in the morning, right in front of my bedroom window, it just woke me up! It seems like they are all chatting about you, they always have to laugh the loudest themselves.

I chose the name Squeek because of the sound that mainly the magpies produce! In addition, I thought it was a good plan to make these birds a bit bigger and that is very possible with Yarn and Colors Charming, a kind of Stone Washed yarn and crochet hook 3.


They have become nice and big fantasy birds that love to cuddle and can be very quiet!

Sun, sea, beach and... seagulls!

It's no secret; I love the beach and the sea and yes, that includes seagulls.

Seagulls like to show themselves on the coast, especially if there are many people. If there are a lot of people, then the food is up for grabs for the seagulls!

In my Amigurumi Crochet Bookazine On the Coast you will find both: delicious ice creams, a bowl of fries and flying seagulls!

So be careful that the seagulls don't pick up on your fries!


You will also encounter seagulls in the beach and sea crochet pattern. These are seagulls that are at ease waiting for everything to come! They have funny knees!

In this crochet pattern you will also find a crocheted fish made of driftwood, a boat and a lifebuoy.

Flamingos on a Tropical Island

When I think of a tropical island, I think of white beaches, blue sea or ocean, delicious cocktails and flamingos!

Faye Flamingo has already booked her Ticket to the Tropics! She sits comfortably on an ottoman with her flippers in the cool water of the pool. On her head she has a sun hat!

Faye is a really fun project to crochet. By the way, did you know that her pattern was the Crochet Along of 2021?

A goose is a good watchdog!

I'm always talking about geese. That used to be the case when I was walking our dogs with my mother. It still hasn't really improved, they always come after me. So they're not my favorite birds. Did you know that they are very good watchers? Is that why they would come after me? I'm just getting too close!


Of course, when my mother asked me for a crochet pattern for a goose, I couldn't refuse. These Geese Jack and Coco are much more fun than their real relatives, much easier to cuddle with too!

I also enjoyed making a Jailbird right away. A goose with a striped prison shirt, a cap and a ball on its leg. His favorite song is Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley!


You can find no less than 3 chickens among all the crochet patterns!

In the Easter wall hangers you will find a hare as well as a chicken. Of course, the Easter trio doesn't miss a chicken either, in addition to an Easter bunny and a lamb!


The cutest and most charming chicken is of course Henny Hen with her shawl! This sturdy lady enjoys the peace and quiet on the farm in the morning. She quickly puts on her shawl, because it's still a bit chilly in the morning!

From large birds to small birds

We have now had the largest and medium-sized birds, these birds are all themselves the subject of the crochet pattern. Now follow the smaller birds that are a nice addition to a creation.



An old photo as inspiration

I designed Claire after an old childhood photo of my mother. She stood in her sailor dress with a big bow in her hair. As a toy, I gave her a migratory bird.



A scarecrow or a lover of birds?

My design of Vince the Scarecrow also has a bird. He may have the name of chasing away birds, but Vince is good friends with the birds, and also with the mice that live in his coat!

Bird's nest in a tree

A lot of birds make their nest in a tree! This bird has chosen Ent's head to build a nest. That's great, because Ent dreams of becoming a tree himself!

A white bird in a Christmas piece

When I was designing Holly, I thought a little bird was a great fit for her. Holly is a Christmas girl and is inspired by the holly plant. The leaves and berries of the holly are used in Christmas pieces. A white bird is always very nice in a Christmas piece, which is why this has also become a white bird.

A duckling as a swimming ring

We end with a duckling as a swimming ring. It's a bit of a bird, so this one belongs too!

The duckling as a swimming band belongs to the crochet pattern Cup of Tea. The nursery rhyme 'Boating, drinking tea' was the inspiration for this design. The dog sails to the other side in a cup of tea. If he goes overboard, the swimming band duckling can float him well!

All birds to crochet!

You have now seen them in all colours and sizes, from yellow to pink to white and black, from large to small. Have you already picked a favourite bird to crochet?

Is there also a bird that you have already crocheted? Feel free to show them by sending me an email on or send me a message via Facebook. I love pictures!


Do you think now; Hey, this bird isn't among them. I would also like to see it in a crocheted shape! Send me an email, message or let me know below. Who knows, you might see your idea here another time. I definitely invite you to help test the pattern!

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