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Cup of Tea, PDF


Cup of Tea - Sailing and drinking tea

There is a children’s song in Dutch about sailing in a boat to the other side of the water and then drinking a cup of tea. I made an interpretation of this song by putting a little dog in a teacup to sail to the other side of the water. The dog is having a great time in the Teacup, just in case he has brought his swimming band duckling, in case the Teacup flips over. As an oar, of course, he uses the spoon. From the flag on the mast you can see from where the wind blows!


Used Materials:

You can use any brand of cotton you want, I used the following:

Durable Coral Cream 2172, Inside Teacup, used 24 gram

Durable Coral Ivory 326, Outside Teacup, used 26 gram

Durable Coral Ocean 295, Edge of the Teacup, handle of the cup, embroidery and little flag, used 10 gram

Durable Coral Bone 2213, Spoon, used 5 gram

Durable Coral Sand 2208, Snout and mast, used 5 gram

Durable Coral Brick 2239, Head, body and legs of the dog, used 28 gram

Durable Coral Coffee 385, Ears and tail of the dog, used 10 gram

Durable Coral Bright Yellow, Duck and scarf of the dog, used 12 gram

Durable Coral Orange 2194, Beak of the duck, just a little bit.

2 Satay sticks, cut off the tip. 3 chenille wires of 30cm, 1x a plastic container. For example, a tray of Low Fat French Cottage Cheese 500gr. Dimensions tray: 8cm high, diameter top 11cm.  Crochet hook 2.5, Scissors, needle, stuffing.


This PDF consists of 19 pages with instructions and pictures to show you how you can crochet Cup of Tea yourself. The Crochet pattern uses US stitches and abbreviations. The dog is standing 15cm tall.


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