Summer captured in a crochet pattern

Published on 13 June 2023 at 09:00
Summer captured in a crochet pattern

Summer captured in a crochet pattern

May I introduce you to Farmer Hank?

It's hard to believe, but I thought it would be nice to tell a little more about some members of my CB's Creations Family. And the first one I thought of was my Farmer Hank. It turns out that I already made the pattern of Farmer Hank in 2017! This charming Farmer Hank simply deserves a tribute!


From Swallow to Farmer to Crochet Pattern

When I hear a swallow I think of summer! Especially when I see several swallows flying. Because the saying goes: "One swallow does not make a summer", but several swallows do! 


Do you want to know what the sound of summer sounds like? Turn on your sound and listen in:

You can hear the swift here.  In mid-April-early May they arrive in the Netherlands, after having spent the winter in the large area between Mali and Congo. In late summer they move away again in a southwest to southeast direction.

Eating, drinking and sleeping happens in the air. Often they can be seen in groups, chasing each other and producing the typical screaming sound. 

the swift
barn swallow

After hearing and seeing the swallows, I got the idea to incorporate them into a creation. After some internet searching for pictures of swallows, I came across a cute barn swallow. This way I could catch the summer in a crochet pattern!


photo is by Rob Bouwman

Crochet pattern of a Farmer

This is how my Farmer Hank was born, a farmer with blue pants, blue jacket and a white shirt, just like the belly of the barn swallow. Further dressed with clogs, wool socks made of real socks wool, a handkerchief and a cap. He also received a cap in the shape of the head of a swallow, with another handkerchief in a matching colour. A real Barn Swallow! Let's not forget his box with cauliflowers.

Farmer Hank, amigurumi crochet  pattern

Ideal for the novice amigurumi crocheter

After crocheting the clogs, you crochet the body of Farmer Hank further in one piece, starting with the socks and ending at his head. His jacket and arms are loose and have yet to be attached to his body. The advantage of loose arms is that you can sew them to your creation in such a way that the arms can move. This way he can better hold his box with cauliflowers! No wire is used in his body, but you can put a sole of hard plastic or cardboard in his clogs, to make him stand a bit firmer. 

Apart from his socks and hair, only cotton has been used for this crochet pattern. For his hair I took fluffy yarn, which can be a challenge, but it is really a small piece! Use a lot of stitch markers and you'll be fine! Perhaps you still have a piece of fake fur lying around, that can also be a nice wig for this farmer. Farmer Hank will be 21 cm tall.


A nice detail is that I crocheted his socks with socks wool, which my mother-in-law often knit socks from for my father-in-law. So he has real wool socks on!

But who is Farmer Hank?

Farmer Hank has a large farm where he grows all kinds of vegetables, including cauliflower. 

Did you know that a cauliflower needs a lot of attention from sowing to the moment of harvesting? Farmer Hank is therefore always busy harvesting beautiful cauliflowers. You regularly see him carrying boxes full of cauliflower. 


Farmer Hank is also a big bird lover. His favourite bird is the Barn Swallow. They nest in his barn and are true aerial acrobats. From April to October, the barn swallows stay in the Netherlands and announce the summer! That is why Farmer Hank wears his special swallow cap and handkerchief once a year and celebrates the start of a beautiful summer!

Farmer Hank as barnswallow, crochet pattern

Model for the crochet pattern of Baseball player Bobby Joe

Farmer Hank has also been a model for the design of Baseball player Bobby Joe. This sporty guy has made it all the way to the very last American Crochet Calendar of 2019! That was quite an honour! Every new baseball season, mainly in America, this pattern finds its way to many baseball enthusiasts.

Crochet pattern in new format

Gradually I am putting all the patterns in a new layout, including the pattern of Farmer Hank. It remains the same elaborately defined pattern, but now in a new form divided over 8 pages.


That you don't have to make a traditional Farmer Hank is proven by this beautiful Vintage Farmer Hank by Martine De Schepper. 


Farmer Hank is looking for a ... crocheter! Exciting, maybe you are the one he is looking for!

Farmer Hank by Martine de Schepper

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