Do you take something to crochet with you on holiday?

Published on 6 June 2023 at 09:00
Do you take something to crochet with you on a holiday?

Do you take something to crochet with you on holiday?

Crocheting on a holiday

I regularly post a question on my Facebook page. Of course it is about crocheting with the appropriate name: Yarn Topics.

The question I asked this time was: Do you also take your crochet with you on holiday?

Among all the answers, the word no was hard to find. About 99% of the crocheters fully admitted to taking a crochet work with them on holiday, very often multiple projects are included, including other hobby projects.


Lianne: "Not 1 but a whole bag so I can figure out what I want to do or several small things."


Linda: "Yes, that's the first thing that's pretty much ready to take with me."


Simone: "Of course! I'd rather stay at home than have nothing with me. Then I will be far too restless. Sometimes it does not even come out of the suitcase but something to crochet or knit has to come with me."


Willy: "Definitely, although I don't always get around to it. Have been away for 1 holiday without something to crochet and felt immediately out of control. From now on I take a project just in case."


There are few crocheters who do not take a small project with them on holiday. I also fall under that category: I always take a project with me on holiday. Sometimes I even design a new creation on my holiday!

Harals the frog, relaxing, crochet pattern

Relaxing with something to crochet

My husband and I really enjoy spending our holidays in a cottage, where we have complete freedom. No obligations to get up on time so we don't miss breakfast at the hotel. Instead, we can easily cook something in the cottage in the evening when we don't feel like eating out. Or we can pick up something tasty or enjoy a delicious barbecue when the weather is nice. It's really freedom!


We love to read in the garden near the cottage or just laze around. Of course only if the weather allows it! We also enjoy exploring the area and taking day trips. And if we feel like it, we go out for dinner in the evening. Then we take the time to relax: I crochet while my husband enjoys a good book.


My bag is always filled with my Kipling pouch with all the necessities, such as crochet hooks, scissors, pliers, binding wire, stitch markers, needles and pins, pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener. I don't leave without my notebook; you never know what idea is lurking. Of course I also have a few skeins of cotton and a bag with fibrefill with me. I rarely take a crochet pattern with me, because I often get inspiration from a different environment and I just start designing.

all my necessities to crochet

It also happens regularly that I pass a shop on holiday where skeins of acrylic or cotton yarn are sold and I can't resist buying something... So there is no shortage of crochet gear!


We usually go on holiday by car, as long as my crochet stuff also fits in it, then it's good. I never crochet in the car because then I get motion sickness. But once on holiday I can crochet to my heart's content.


You can crochet everywhere

From the question, "Do you also take something to crochet with you on holiday", it also emerged that something to crochet is taken everywhere. For example, there is some crochetting on the train, in the waiting room of the doctor or the hospital, during trips with the car or during swimming lessons.

Taking a crochet hook on a plane?

But what if you go on holiday by plane? Can you then take your expensive metal crochet hook with you on the plane as hand luggage? There is a very short answer to that: No. A crochet hook is a metal object with a sharp point.


Can't you crochet at all on the plane? Of course you can. Because you can take a few cheap plastic or wooden crochet hooks with you on the plane. You put your expensive, pleasant crochet hooks in your checked in baggage, so that you can crochet with your fine crochet hooks on your holiday.


There are plenty of stories to be found that crochet hooks are taken as hand luggage, often in a case for glasses or also with a cork on it. However, it is not allowed at any airline in the Netherlands, but it is often due to the security check at the gate where the hand luggage is checked. If you are lucky then there is nothing wrong, if you are not lucky then you can hand in your expensive pleasant crochet hooks.


The same applies to scissors, which are certainly not allowed as hand luggage. But have you ever thought of taking tooth floss with you, with the thing you cut your tooth floss with, with that you can also cut your thread. Or even better: bring a special wire cutter!

crochet hook on a plane?

Is there always crocheting on a holiday?

We almost all take something to crochet with us on holiday, because what would we be without crocheting something? But are we really crocheting on holiday? No, not always!


Helene: "I take it with me but often I don't do anything with it."


Anita: "I do take something to crochet with me but sometimes it stays in the bag for the whole holiday. But my crochet goes along."


Christine: "I have it with me anyway.... how much I actually crochet, that is still the question."


On our holiday to Rome, for example, my crochet work was in our checked in baggage during the flight, it was only a short flight. And during the holidays I barely touched it! Yes, that is also possible!


If you are looking for a project to take with you on holiday, then I have a lot of nice ideas for you!


If you want some extra inspiration to keep the beach feeling after a beach holiday a little longer, then I have a nice blog full of ideas to bring the coast to your home. The nicest crocheted beach and sea decorations for your home!


I wish you a pleasant and creative holiday!

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Lois Hinkle
2 years ago

I take crocheting stuff with me everyday every where.