What makes a crochet along so much fun?

Published on 1 June 2023 at 12:36
What makes a crochet along so much fun?

What makes a crochet along of CB's Creations so much fun?

Of course, you as a crochet fanatic know exactly what is meant by a crochet along! But if you haven't been crocheting for that long, you may never have heard of a crochet along. So if you are wondering what a crochet along is when reading the title, I have a nice blog ready for you to read a detailed description of what a CAL is, as it is also called. What is a crochet along?

In short, a crochet is along: in a few weeks, crocheting a crochet pattern together. Every week you receive a part of that crochet pattern.

Beach Houses made by Wilma

Beach Houses made by Wilma Raar-Sprengers


Every year I try to come up with a unique creation for a crochet along, which we can crochet together in about 5 weeks. I try to take into account as much as possible what I design and the yarn to be used. It is of course nice if the subject appeals to as many people as possible, the larger the group, the more fun! It is great to see that many enthusiastically participate in a crochet along. Participants share with which material one participates, every week the progress is proudly shown. Everyone helps each other and has a nice word for the crochet skills of another. There is a great connection in the group because you are working on the same project together.


Yarn package or own material

The list of materials will be sent well in advance. You are completely free to choose the material you are going to use to participate in the crochet along. Nothing is mandatory and everything is allowed. So dive into your own stock if you can make nice combinations for the cal.

I have also put together a ready-made yarn package, for when you find it easy to have everything at hand at once. Everything you need to join the crochet along is in there, including something extra. You have to take care of the stuffing and a crochet hook yourself.

Beach Houses made by Christine

Beach Houses made by Christine Francken

No time pressure

You can join the crochet along at your own pace. It is not mandatory to finish and show part of the pattern after one week. It is nice to see the progress of everyone, but no obligation at all.

The parts of the pattern can be found in the files and they remain there until the group closes. It is advisable to download them, to have a pattern in your own collection of patterns.

If it is not convenient to crochet for a week, you can finish the pattern when it suits you.


There is always help

If you have any questions, you can always ask them. You will always get an answer to your question. If it is not from me, then from one of the test crocheters who are also present in the group. But you will see that other participants in the crochet along are also willing to answer your questions! After 5 weeks of crocheting, you've crocheted a creation to be proud of!

amigurumi crochet pattern Beach Houses made by Antoinette

Beach Houses made by Antoinette E Pas.

Crochet pattern CB's Creations

A crochet along is also an ideal way to get acquainted with my style of pattern making. You also have the certainty that a new and unique crochet pattern will be made! They are clearly defined patterns that have been thoroughly tested by my team of Super Test Crocheters. All errors have been removed during testing, a typo can be overlooked, it is nice if you report it, then I correct it immediately.

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Beach Housesjo

Crochet Organizer Beach Houses

This year it's the honour of these nice Beach Houses, as crochet organizer, to shine in the crochet along. These Beach Houses are super handy! You can put all your crochet hooks, scissors and much more in it! Your tape measure also gets a special place and a sweet crab takes care of your pins!

In 5 weeks’ time you will crochet these Beach Houses.


What makes a crochet along so much fun for me?

I love to see that everyone crochets the same pattern and that each creation gets its own identity. One is even more fun, sweeter, funnier than the other!

All the photos in this blog, except the last one, are creations of my Super Test Crocheters from the Beach Houses. Here you can also see that each is different!

I can't wait to see your Beach Houses!


Book your Ticket below and you are assured of a place in a super fun and helpful Facebook group to crochet these Beach Houses together.

Don't have facebook? No problem, then you will receive your part by e-mail every week and you can also ask me all the questions.

Do you also crochet along? We start on June 7, 2023!


If you don't have time to crochet along this time, know that Nelson's crochet pattern will also be for sale. Who knows, maybe I'll see you at the next Crochet along.

Do you want to know what goes on behind the scenes of a crochet along? Read this blog: Behind the scenes of a crochet along

Who knows, maybe I'll see you at the next Crochet along.


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