Behind the scenes of a crochet along

Published on 16 May 2023 at 10:10
Behind the scenes of a crochet along

Behind the scenes of a Crochet Along

I will take you behind the scenes of a crochet along from CB's Creations. In the 6 years that CB's Creations has been around, I have already organized a CAL 7 times before.


If you are now wondering: what is a crochet along and what is a CAL? Very short: it is in a few weeks, crocheting a crochet pattern together. Every week you receive a part of that crochet pattern.

If you want to read the more detailed description, I would like to recommend this blog: What is a crochet along?

The crochet patterns of the previous Crochet Alongs

As you can see below, the topics of a crochet along from CB's Creations are very diverse, but, I only see my own trend now: there is always an animal in it! ;)


2018 Little Dog Tanja and Flowerpot House of Mole and Mouse

2018 winter CAL: IJsbrand the Bear

2019 Halloween CAL: Halloween Witches and cat

2020 Summer CAL: Ticket to the Tropics, Faye Flamingo

2021 Nostalgia CAL: Sailing and drinking tea, a Cup of Tea

2022 Frog Nelson and his Banjo

Do you crochet along with CB’s Creations?

Soon you will be able to join CB's Creations crochet along for the 8th time. The first 2, my Dog Tanja and Flowerpot house for Mole and Mouse, were organized within existing Facebook groups. Then many tasks are taken off the hands by the administrators of these groups. The year 2018 was a good crochet along year, there were no less than 3!

From my design of IJsbrand the Bear in 2018, I organize the crochet alongs myself in my own Facebookgroup.


Crocheting for beginners and advanced crocheters

Every year I design a pattern especially for the crochet along. So it's always a new crochet pattern. In order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate, I take into account the yarn I use and the design.

For example, IJsbrand the Bear was made with acrylic yarn. But if you wanted to make it with cotton, that was of course also possible. In my crochet alongs you can always choose to participate with your own yarn in your own colours.



Dog Tanja was designed with Stone Washed yarn, but with every other yarn the dog is just as fun! Recently I crocheted her with socks wool, she became such a sweet cuddly toy!

The other designs are all made with cotton yarn, with a little fluffy yarn here and there! But it was just a little fluffy yarn on the flamingo's wings, or it was used to make it the hair of the Halloween witches.


The designs are all suitable for both the beginner and advanced crocheters. If you know the basic stitches, such as a Magic Ring, a Single Crochet and a Slip Stitch, then you can already participate in all of my crochet alongs. There are also some other stitches such as a Double Crochet or a Half Double Crochet, but amigurumi crochet patterns are usually no more complicated than that.

From idea to crochet pattern

Before the crochet along starts, I have already thought of and crocheted the creation. I immediately write along while I am crocheting and take photos step by step. Where would I be without my notebook! It also happens regularly that I crochet a design again.


But then it comes: the pattern also has to be typed out. I put my step by step photos in between the text, check if I have all the necessary materials in the pattern. Also, all the abbreviations used for the crochet stitches should not be missing.


Testing of the crochet pattern

The pattern is then ready to be tested. I have a team of Super Test Crocheters who, when they have the time and desire, test my crochet patterns with a lot of love.

All errors are removed in this way, including most typos. Sometimes it happens that there is still a typo in it, but that is quickly remedied.

Crochet patterns in Dutch, English and German

All my crochet patterns are available in 3 languages, Dutch, English (the American crochet stitches) and German. So when the ladies are testing, I'm translating my patterns. This way I can also immediately correct all the mistakes that come up. For a crochet along I then divide the pattern into parts. There should always be a logical order in a crochet pattern. When dividing a pattern into parts, I also look at the amount to crochet and what would go well together, such as a head and a hat in the same part, the scarf can then be placed in another part. And of course, all documents must also be converted into a PDF.


The pattern is ready, the CAL can begin, right? Almost!

I prepare all the messages to make the CAL known. I also prepare all weekly messages that are placed in the specially created Facebook group.

These are the messages that questions can be asked, per part. That you can show your progress per part etc.


During the crochet along

In the weeks during the crochet along I am busy answering questions about the pattern, about downloading the pattern, about forgetting to download a pattern part etc.. Fortunately, I always have help from the same Super Test Crocheters. What also makes a crochet along so much fun is that the members of the group also help each other. Of course, everyone who finishes a part and shows a complete creation gets a like and a cheerful comment.

Crochet along Beach Houses

Crochet Organizer Beach Houses

This year it's the honour of these nice Beach Houses, as crochet organizer, to shine in the crochet along. These Beach Houses are super handy! You can put all your crochet hooks, scissors and much more in it! Your tape measure also gets a special place and a sweet crab takes care of your pins!

I have listed all the information about the crochet along of the Beach Houses. You can find it here. The crochet along starts on June 7.

But why is a crochet along so much fun?

Read my blog: What makes a crochet along so much fun? 

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