Tribute to my test crocheters

Published on 17 May 2023 at 10:01
Tribute to my test crocheters

All amigurumi crochet patterns from CB's Creations have been tested by a team of amazing crocheters!


Have I ever told you that I'm happy with my test crocheters? Probably! But let me say it again: I am so happy with the ladies who test my patterns!! Without test crocheters no good crochet patterns!

All creations you see here in this blog are crocheted by my test crocheters Wilma Raar-Sprengers, Marion van Putten Scheepstra, Yolanda van der Enden, Thea Tijtsma, Christine Francken and Antoinette E Pas!

Flint made by Antoinette
Joni the Hippie Elf by Wilma
Sailor Jo made by Marion

Creations from Antoinette, Wilma and Marion.

Clearly defined crochet patterns

Good test crocheters will point out your typos and counting errors, your spelling, but also whether it is clear what you have written down. Whether it is not more convenient to write it down slightly differently or to clarify it extra with extra photos. Good test crocheters are an important part of my designs!


I'm someone who likes to make a schedule. If I design a pattern, it doesn't have to be tested within a week, because I actually want to have the pattern in my shops yesterday. I take the time for my designs and the time to market them. I also give that time to my test hookers.

Nelson made by Christine
Poppy made by Thea
Franklin and Milton by Yo

Creations from Christine, Thea and Yolanda.

Life isn't just about crocheting

Because even the ladies who test my patterns, like me, have a life besides crocheting. We have known each other for quite some time now and are in regular contact, not only about crocheting and the designs, but also about the things that occupy us and happen to us in life. We didn't look for each other either, but found each other! They showed their enthusiasm for my patterns and one thing led to another.

Every now and then ladies stop test crocheting because other things come their way and that's totally okay. At the moment I have a nice group of ladies around me who test my patterns.

Garlic and chili made by Yo
Alistair and BBQ by Christine
Martine by Thea

Creations from Yolanda, Christine and Thea.

Testing of crochet patterns

Testing crochet patterns is also not an obligation, it must remain fun and be fun. If you don't have time or not into it at that moment, no problem! You also must like the creation. For example, it happens that a pattern is tested one time by 3 ladies and the other time by 6.

I always have a lot of time between the moment I have a design ready and the moment I think it is the right time to place the pattern in my shop, that several ladies have the opportunity to crochet it. Occasionally I also have a guest test crocheter such as Marget Oomen and even my mother, Klara Bierau-van't Veld, occasionally tests along!

Chef Antoine made by Marget Oomen
Nutcracker Soldier made by my mother

Creations from Marget and Klara.

Each crocheter has her own style!

I really like to see the pictures of the progress! They then use slightly different yarn or a different colour. The result always makes me happy. Sometimes I think: "that I didn’t think of that myself!"  Each has its own style, so you can clearly see what else you can do with a pattern!


Yes, I am very happy with my test crocheters!

Marion and Wilma are ladies who have really been testing for me for years, Thea, Yolanda, Antoinette and Christine have been testing for me for a while now. Antoinette even took the Beach Photos for my Amigurumi Crochet Bookazine On the Coast!


Thank you ladies for the pleasant cooperation! What would I do without you?!!

Beach photo made by Antoinette
Little Elf Joy by Antoinette
Squeek made by Marion
Pedr the Viking by Wilma

Creations from Antoinette, Marion and Wilma.

All pattern you see in this blog you can make yourself! The crochet patterns can be found here:

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