Vince the Scarecrow, PDF


Amigurumi Crochet pattern scarecrow with bird and mice

Vince the Scarecrow


May I introduce you to: Vince the Scarecrow, the friendly protector of the garden!


Vince isn't your average scarecrow; Instead of scaring birds away, he attracts them! He has a special bond with the little mice that live in his coat. This cheerful scarecrow will be a charming addition to your fall andHalloween decorations!

With this crochet pattern you can make Vince the Scarecrow yourself. Simply find two sticks to put it firmly in the ground. He wears a jacket with holes, a tie, and a straw hat, complete with a glove on one hand. Vince stands proudly with his stick in an upside-down flower pot, decorated with colourful flowers and leaves. The crochet pattern also includes instructions on how to make the cute little bird and mice.


Bring some cheer and character to your garden and home with Vince the Scarecrow!

Materials used for Vince the Scarecrow:

You can use any yarn you want for this crochet pattern. If you use thicker or thinner yarn, Vince will get a little bigger or smaller. Below is a summary of the materials I used for the Scarecrow.

  • Cotton yarn in the colours (I used Lammy Yarns Rio and Yarn & Colors:
  • Head and hand/arm, Beige/cream: 11gr, Body and arms, blue: 11gr, Glove, green/blue: 5gr
  • Jacket, cigar colour: 47gr, Tie, orange: 5gr, Hat, gold/yellow: 12gr
  • Hair, dark brown: 4gr, Straw, gold: 3gr, Mice, light grey: 14gr
  • Bird, black: 9gr, Beak, yellow: 2gr, Grass, green: 8gr
  • Little bit white and pink, for eye white and noses of the mice
  • Crochet hook 2.5
  • Scissors, needle, fibrefill
  • Safety eyes 12mm, weed holes for the bird and mice (or beads)
  • Thin stick for the sleeves: about 28cm long
  • Thicker stick for the body, about 32cm long and slightly thinner than a diameter of 1.5cm
  • Terracotta pot of 10cm high, diameter above 10cm, diameter below 6.5 cm. The hole at the bottom has a diameter of 1.5cm
  • Some styrofoam or oasis to put in the jar, so that the stick stays in place better.
  • Buttons for the jacket.

Vince, including a stick and bird on his head, grows to 45 cm in size. Only his body, incl. hat is 30 cm in size.


Clearly written PDF Crochet pattern

With this PDF crochet pattern you can crochet Vince the Scarecrow yourself! This 11-page PDF contains detailed clear crochet instructions that are explained with photos, including extensive information about the materials used and the crochet stitches used and their abbreviations. US terminology and abbreviations of stitches are used. Whether you have just mastered the basic stitches as a beginner or if you are more experienced. If you know how to make a Magic Ring, a Single Crochet, a Slip Stitch and a Chain, then you can crochet this amazing creation yourself. If you get stuck with a certain part of the pattern, then I'm just a message away! I would like to help you to make a creation together with you to be proud of!


Sending the pattern

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You are not buying a finished product. This is a PDF Crochet Pattern.