How chocolate can lead to a crochet pattern

Published on 4 February 2024 at 13:59
All chocolates!

From Christmas chocolates to Easter eggs!

Chocolates, I love them! Actually, I like everything with chocolate!

A delicious chocolate mousse or a chocolate cake where the inside is still nice and soft and creamy when you put your spoon in it... A delicious cherry bonbon or one of those chocolate leaves with pieces of burnt sugar in it, or an orange wedge with chocolate on top.

I also sometimes make a delicious Mexican dish with chocolate and chicken. Oh, or...

Well, you get the idea, I could go on like this for a while.

A can full of chocolates

Quality Street, Nostalgic Chocolates

My father was in the Navy and was therefore regularly away from home for shorter or longer periods of time. When they had visited England with the ship, he often brought a tin of chocolates with him. My favorite was and still is Quality Street! Sometimes he brought a small can of Quality Street, but often a very large one! The smell alone, when you open the lid of the can and then all those beautiful chocolates in those beautiful colored cellophanes and silver foil. My mouth is already watering again!


You may remember the Quality Street cans from the past. The lady and the soldier who stood on the cans for 70 years are characters from J.M. Barrie's 1901 nostalgic comedy Quality Street. The play inspired chocolate producer Mackintosh, which is why he named the chocolate after it. So, Quaity Street was designed with nostalgia in mind.


For me, a Quality Street chocolate is also a form of nostalgia. The nice thing is that my eldest son is often at sea these days. And maybe you can guess it, last Christmas he brought me a can of Quality Street!

The cellophanes have been replaced by paper, but the smell, when you open the lid, is still the same! So much fun that he has taken over my father's tradition of bringing a can of Quality Street for his mother!

A tin of Quality Street

From Chocolate to Crochet Pattern

Soon it will be Valentine's Day and then people often give each other chocolate. This is soon followed by Easter with its chocolate Easter eggs and the chocolate Easter bunnies.

My new pattern has everything to do with Chocolate Bunnies and because I love chocolate so much! Here are 2 cute little Easter Bunnies: Truffle and Fudge! They are so adorable!!


So as soon as the chocolate Easter eggs were in the store, I already had them in my shopping cart. Not to eat, but for the pictures. Strange, that not everyone believes that!


PS: I think the bunnies Truffle and Fudge are suitable to enjoy or play with all year round!

Cup of tea while crocheting

While crocheting, you also feel like a cup of tea. With my free crochet patterns you will find a crochet pattern of a super cute tea bag. A nice idea to fill it with a bag of tea and a chocolate to give as a gift to a tea lover!


Isn't it delicious, tea, chocolate and a crochet? What more could you want?!

Crocheted tea bag

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