Pedr the Viking

Published on 11 February 2023 at 19:33
Blog: The story of Pedr the Viking

Viking Pedr Hansson, nice to meet you!

May I introduce you to Pedr the Viking? In one of my other blogs I once mentioned that I once wanted to design a Viking. It took quite some time before the idea of a Viking finally really took shape. If there was another idea in my head that wanted to be designed earlier, that idea took precedence! And that happened regularly! 

Ragnar Lothbrok

It finally happened: a Viking! I have been inspired by several TV series and by research on the internet about Vikings. The TV series Vikings was a very big source of inspiration, especially Ragnar Lothbrok. I also took a look at the images of Wickie the Viking, which I used to watch with my brother. But I also looked at images of the movie: How to train your dragon.


I wanted to make a tough looking Viking with a wild beard. So I mainly looked at the Father of Wickie the Viking and the father of Hiccup from How to train your dragon. I combined these 2 fathers with Ragnar Lothbrok. And see here my Viking. 

Father of Wickie the Viking
The father of Hiccup, How to train your dragon
Ragnar Lothbrok, series Vikings

Tough crocheted helmet with horns

Pedr the Viking is armed with a knife, an axe and a shield. He has a fur cloak and a helmet with horns. Real Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets, but because Pedr is my creation and we are both very stubborn, my Viking does have horns on his helmet! Pedr may look ferocious, but in real life he is very nice!

amigurimi crochet pattern viking with horns on helmet

Fluffy yarn

What looks both tough and soft! Right Fluffy Yarn! In the pattern of Pedr I used 3 types of fluffy yarn. For his hair and beard I used Lammy Yarns Astrakhan. It looks a bit wilder than, for example, the Schachenmayr Brazilia, which I used for the edge of the boot. For his cloak I used Scheepjes Grizzly. This is a fairly thick and stiff fluffy yarn. Alternatively, you could use Durable Furry or Lammy Yarns Panda. If you have a bit thinner fluffy yarn, you could make the mantle a bit wider and longer.


Fake fur as an alternative to Fluffy Yarn

Well I can almost hear you thinking: Fluffy yarn is so hard to crochet with! Isn't there another solution to that? Yes of course! There are a number of possibilities. You can also use a piece of fake fur for the hair and for the cloak. If you make a cloak of fake fur, you have to sew a few things closed and fixed by hand.  Making the hair and beard out of fake fur is also very good, but your Pedr will not look so wild! 


If you still want to try crocheting with fluffy yarn, then I have a very useful blog for you: Tips for crocheting with Fluffy Yarn!

Fluffy yarn cloak, crochet pattern viking
Pedr the Viking with hair of fluffy yarn

Pedr the Viking is a distant relative

I like to dig through my family tree. During that research, I ended up with a distant ancestor on my father's side. To be precise, on the part of my grandmother's grandmother, on my father's side.  In 1781 Pedr or Pedor Hansson married Magdalena Wilkens in Amsterdam. Pedr was born in 1748 and came from Graa-Dyb in Denmark. Pedr and Magdalena lived for a while in Den Helder, where they both died. Magdalena in 1813 and Pedr, who was then called Pieter, in 1828. Den Helder is the city where I grew up! 


In the end, I can conclude that I have a bit of Viking blood in me!

map of Denmark

Frame of electricity wire in his body

As a tough Viking, Pedr has a frame of electricity wire in his body. But he can also be made very well without wire. Then fill him up well! 


If you also want to crochet Pedr, via the button below you go directly to his pattern:

frame inside body of Pedr the Viking

PS: I love photos, so if you have crocheted Pedr, please send me a photo! You can send the picture to

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