The most fun Halloween crochet patterns

Published on 30 September 2023 at 17:20
the very bestHalloween crochet patterns

The very best amigurumi crochet patterns for Halloween

Halloween Party

When I think of Halloween, I think of a fun party where you, dressed as a witch, zombie or something else scary, can scare each other! When my children were little and in elementary school, the Halloween party was just emerging in the region, blown over from America. 


Sint Maarten

When I was growing up there was no Halloween yet but we celebrated Sint Maarten. We made a lantern and went to the doors singing on November 11th to pick up candy. We had so much fun and it was a sport to pick up as much candy as possible. Sint Maarten is not celebrated in the part of the country where I now live. But together with a number of neighbours we came up with the idea to organize a Halloween party in our neighbourhood for our (neighbourhood) children, but adults were also welcome.


The whole neighbourhood was decorated, when a candle or a light at a house was lit, then the children were allowed to ring the bell to scare someone and they received some candy in exchange.

The whole neighbourhood was filled with witches, zombies, Frankenstein’s, Dracula’s and many more scary figures. Parents were dressed up and houses decorated, scary music made the Halloween party complete! A really successful evening, where more followed.

Halloween Crochet Patterns

With pleasure I regularly design something for Halloween, such as a Witch or a Scarecrow.

Last year I designed Simsala and Bim. They like a joke and scare everyone! But making pumpkin soup together is also fun to do!

If you want to hang a nice decoration next to your witch broom, then I have a nice pattern of Witch boots for you!


You have to admit it: orange, purple and black are beautiful colours, aren't they? All Halloween Crochet Patterns from CB's Creations can be found here!

Click on the images and you will immediately arrive at the pattern!


Highest Time for Halloween and Autumn

With this crochet pattern, you can set the alarm to be on time for Halloween and Autumn! The 7 small patterns of the witch's hat, the pumpkin, the autumn leaves, the oak and for example the broom, which belong to it, can be found last in this crochet pattern.

With this super fun alarm clock I combine my favourite activities: crafts and crocheting! Using a plastic tray, a cap and aluminium wire and of course cotton and a crochet hook, you make this alarm clock where you can let your imagination run wild!

Simsala and Bim

Amigurumi Halloween Crochet Pattern of a Cat and a Mouse!

These two love a joke! For example, Cat Simsala loves Mouse Soup, soup made from Mouse Bim!

But they just pretend and have the greatest fun! No, they're more fond of pumpkin soup. Delicious with a baguette and some cheese!

They think Halloween is the best party of the year! Simsala and Bim are crocheted with Stonewashed yarn on crochet hook 3.


Witch boots

Every witch wears them: Witch boots!

They are super decorative to hang next to a witch's broom, or with a beautiful wreath on the door or in the house.

I hang them on my ladder in the living room!


These Witch boots are purely for decoration not to really wear! They are crocheted with acrylic and are 27cm high and 20cm long. The best thing is of course decorating the crocheted witch boots! Dive into your closets and drawers in search of ribbons, fur, feathers and buttons!

Whoever fits the boot, put it on!

Halloween Witches and their cat

Grandmother Witch teaches her granddaughter Witch to brew all kinds of potions. The cooking pot is already ready and Cat Musta keeps an eye on things!

These cute witches were a Crochet Along in 2019. What a lot of different witches passed by, super fun!!

Of course, they should not be missing in your collection with Halloween patterns.


Little ghost BOOH!

Ghosts are part of Halloween. Nothing is an easier way to dress up during Halloween than as a ghost. All you need is a sheet. Take a sheet that you no longer need, otherwise you will miss an important element of your made-up bed!


That ghosts don't always have to be scary proves Little ghost Booh! That's why he also has a plate with him to get an extra Booh! to be able to shout! Crochet him and you'll notice how cute he actually is!

Jumping Jack Halloween

You probably know a pulling doll, a jumping jack. They are also very nice to make yourself from cardboard. But now I also have a crocheted version of a jumping jack. Of course with a solid base of cardboard. They are crocheted with acrylic yarn.

This witch and scarecrow love to dance! This crochet pattern is super fun to combine crafts and crocheting!

Small crochet projects for Halloween

Halloween Funnies: Jack, Fred, Fay, Vlad, Mina & Frank


Each of these Funnies has his or her own personality and can make your Halloween even more fun. A nice little crochet project in between! Dracula, Frankenstein, Mr. Pumpkin Head and, for example, a Witch should not be missing at your Halloween.

Do you want to know how to make the matching pompoms? Request the free tutorial here:

How to make a pompon from fake fur.

Which Halloween pattern have you already made or is on your wish list?

Maybe you have a nice idea for a Halloween pattern that is missing in my Halloween patterns! Let me know!

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