Making a fake fur pompon yourself

Free tutorial: How do I make a pompon from fake fur?

Pompons of imitation fur

They are so cheerful, colorful, long-haired and so very soft, those pompoms of fur! Who doesn't like them?! Hang them on your bag, your keychain, on your bike or attach one on top of a hat! Success guaranteed!

Crocheted creation and a pompon

But crochet a head and use the pompom as a body! These fake fur pompoms with a crocheted head I call Funnies.

Each Funny has his or her own personality and can brighten up your bag, room, car or caravan! Or how about a Christmas tree full of Funnies?! It is a nice little crochet project in between for both the beginner and advanced crocheter! They also do very well as a small gift!

There is a whole family of Funnies, there are Halloween Funnies, Christmas Funnies and Baby Funnies. In short, there is a Funny for everyone.


But to make Funnies you not only have to crochet a head and hat, you also need an imitation fur pompon. Now you can just take a ready-made pompon for it, but you as a creative person find it much more fun to do this yourself!

These fake fur pompoms are very easy to make yourself! In this free work description I explain how you can make a pompom from fake fur yourself.


Bonus: Crochet Pattern

As an extra bonus you will also find the crochet pattern of the Orange Lion Leo at the end of the tutorial, so that you can crochet a head right away at your pompom of fake fur!

Tutorial: How to make a pompom from fake fur

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