The best Autumn patterns

Published on 23 September 2023 at 20:15
the very best autumn crochet patterns

The very best Autumn amigurumi crochet patterns

Autumn and the most beautiful crochet patterns

If you say autumn, I immediately think of beautiful autumn weather. Taking long walks in the forest, looking for chestnuts, acorns and pine cones to fill a nice bowl at home. Autumn is also a very colourful season, the leaves of the trees get the most beautiful colours, there are many beautiful mushrooms to see.


But if you say autumn, it also means that it gets colder, that the weather gets worse. The leaves of the trees are going to fall again! Autumn is also a time of making it cosy at home. Candles on! Outside it storms but inside it is warm and cosy!

Ideal to look for your easy chair and crochet some beautiful autumn decorations.


Autumn begins on September 21st

Autumn officially runs (astronomically speaking) from September 21 to December 20, but around September 23 the sun is exactly above the equator, so that day and night last the same length everywhere on Earth. That's why autumn usually starts on September 22 or 23. Weather wise, Autumn lasts from September 1 to November 30.


For mushroom lovers, autumn is the season! From October, many mushrooms shoot up from the ground. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi. The conditions for mushrooms to grow are best in the fall. In autumn you often have warm soil still, a relatively high temperature and usually a lot of rain. The rain creates a damp surface. These elements create an ideal place for mushrooms to show themselves. 


Crochet patterns appropriate for autumn

With autumn in mind, I brought together all the crochet patterns of CB's Creations that fit that theme.

Now you can adjust a lot of patterns to fall if you vary with colours. For example, you can crochet Poppy in beautiful brown and orange shades, so that she will look like an autumn flower. But these creations were designed with autumn in mind.

Click on the pictures and you will find the patterns!

This Mushroom Gnome is a variation of the Gnome pattern.

Highest Time for Autumn

Of course it is the highest time for autumn with this crochet pattern, where I combine one of my favourite activities: crafting and crocheting!!

This super nice alarm clock is crocheted around a cottage cheese tray. So first bake a cheese cake and then crochet this alarm clock!


With this pattern you can also crochet the Highest Time for Halloween. In addition to the plastic containers, you also need a cap, aluminium wire and of course cotton and a crochet hook. You can let your imagination run wild on this crochet pattern!

The 7 small patterns of the witch's hat, the pumpkin, the autumn leaves, the oak and for example the broom, which belong to it, can be found last in this crochet pattern.

Ama and Nita go shopping

If you go for a walk in the forest, you can just come across them. Mushrooms with a red hat with white dots. With an expensive word Amanita, or fly agarics. .


The Fly  agarics Ama and Nita go out, these ladies go shopping. For fun, they brought their house snail!

They are striking phenomena, these mushrooms with a red and white polka dot hat! Common in the woods in autumn, but if you crochet these ladies, they will be in your house all year round. Except when they're running errands!


Ama and Nita are crocheted with acrylic yarn and crochet hook 3. If you crochet them with cotton and crochet hook 2.5 or 2, they will be nice little mushrooms.

Jiggle the Gnome

Jiggle loves music and dancing. He feels very happy when he can move like a puppet! But as you can see in the picture, he is also super without his strings and in nice gnome colours!! Jiggle was just resting next to some mushrooms, I could take a picture of him!

Alwin Oakleaf, catcher of dreams

What does this crochet pattern of Alwin Oakleaf have to do with autumn you might think? For me, the fact that he lives in a big old oak tree, hands out acorns and wears a vest of oak leaves, is proof enough! It is part of the forest and can therefore always be found in autumn, the oak tree changes colour so beautifully!


Alwin's father is a faun and his Mother is a troll. He lives in the forest near a large old oak tree. At night, he goes out to catch bad dreams. In the morning, these bad dreams slip off his dreamcatcher and dry up in the morning sun. Sometimes he leaves a magical acorn behind so you know he's been there...


Crochet his cardigan in the colours of autumn! Also, adapt his dreamcatcher to the autumn colours! Crochet Alwin and you'll sleep soundly!

I have written a special blog about the origin of Alwin: Alwin Oakleaf, Catcher of dreams

Ent, dreaming about trees

In autumn I like to take a walk in the forest. And what makes a forest a forest? Right trees!


If only he could become a tree! Ent is an Elf and loves all kinds of animals that live in the forest. If he could, he would become a tree. But if you look closely, he almost is, with a bird's nest on his head and all the ivy that grows around him. He also brought the staff with peanuts for the birds, but if a squirrel wants to take one from him, he doesn't mind. He uses a flower clock to warn the animals of danger.

Ferre is looking for mushrooms

If you are still walking in the forest, you will often come across mushrooms. If you look closely, you might also come across Ferre!


Ferre is an elf and knows everything about mushrooms! He regularly goes in the forest in search of mushrooms! He's already found quite a few! What is he going to do with it? He has all kinds of concoctions in mind... But he's in the mood for a nice ragout today! Did you know that you can also make beer with mushrooms?


You can also safely crochet the mushrooms of this crochet pattern in red with white dots, but then they are no longer edible!!

As soon as Ferre shows himself in the forest, Ama and Nita always go shopping. How could that be?

Flint, the tough little elf

This tough guy actually feels at home in every season, but let's face it, isn't he super fun among the mushrooms? He is nice and small, so he can always go with you in your jacket pocket. So if you find a nice place to take pictures of and with Flint, he is always with you!!

If you want to know how to take nice pictures of Flint and other amigurumi creations, I recommend you to read this blog: How to take great pictures of your amigurumi

From Autumn over to Halloween!

For me, autumn goes hand in hand with Halloween. If you are going to decorate your house with autumn decorations, then pumpkins are also part of it. At the end of October it is Halloween and then these pumpkins are often beautifully decorated or scary faces are cut from them. With my own autumn decorations you always come across corn cobs and Vince my Scarecrow. He can therefore stay nicely with my Halloween decorations!


Scarecrow Vince

A scarecrow is meant to scare off birds. Well, for Vince the Scarecrow, the birds are not afraid! He also gets along well with the mice that live in his coat!

Go into the forest and find 2 sticks for this crochet pattern and make this super friendly Scarecrow. A real animal lover who feels completely at home with you, between the corn cobs, pumpkins, pine cones and all other autumn decorations!

I have brought all Halloween crochet patterns together in this blog: The most fun Halloween Crochet Patterns!

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