10 best crocheted gifts

Published on 22 April 2022 at 11:24
Crochet gifts to give and to receive

The 10 best crocheted gifts with free patterns 


Who doesn't like getting a gift? It is of course super nice to get a homemade gift!

The best thing is, with no doubt, to give a homemade gift! And especially if it's a crocheted gift!


Free crochet patterns

With this overview of 10 fun little projects to crochet, you can make a nice little gift in no time to match the recipient. These small projects are fun for the teacher's birthday, for Mother's Day, a gift in between or someone who could use a pick-me-up. And all these crochet patterns are free!


Bonus: Tips

As a bonus, there is a tip with every gift idea, how you can make your self-crocheted gift even more special.


Through the photos you can get to the free patterns, but also at the bottom of this blog you will find the link to the free patterns!

1 For the bookworm: a crocheted bookmark

A super cute little gift is this bookmark. This bookmark with flower ensures that the reader always knows exactly where he or she has gone in the book.

Vary once with the colours and length of the stem, so it fits into any book, no matter how big it is.


Tip: give a bookmark together with a crochet book or a book voucher!


2 A super sweet crocheted heart for your sweetest

If you just want to show someone how much you love them, then crocheting a heart is the right gift! Make a few and use a different thickness of thread with each one of them. You will then get a nice collection of different hearts.

If you crochet a heart from sponge yarn such as Rico Creative Bubble and fill it with a puff / bath sponge, then the heart can also be taken in the shower or in the bath!


Tip: give a heart of sponge yarn together with a nice smelling shower foam!


3 A nice smelling scented sachet

This crocheted scented sachet is not a very openwork sachet and therefore very suitable for filling with potpourri or, for example, with lavender.

Put such a wonderful smelling sachet in your wardrobe, in the toilet or in the car. Fill the fragrance bag with soothing herbs such as lavender, chamomile and valerian and place it in the bedroom to facilitate falling asleep.


Tip: Put a delicious smelling bar of soap in the scented sachet, together with a towel and washcloth it becomes a very nice gift.

4 A small Dreamcatcher to crochet

You crochet this dreamcatcher around a silver bracelet. You usually buy these bracelets per ten and you can therefore wear them very well as a bracelet, but you can also turn them into a dreamcatcher.

If the dreamcatcher is crocheted, then of course you hang a few nice feathers or ribbons on it, or a few shells or beads. In short, you can make it as colourful as you want.


Tip: crochet three small dreamcatchers, find a nice branch and hang the dreamcatchers on it, each with a different length, so that they hang staggered. Or connect them to each other, so that they hang under each other, with only the beautiful feathers on the bottom ones, etc. A super nice wall hanger!


5 A sweet crocheted vintage mouse

A variant of the fragrance sachet is the Vintage Mouse. For example, you can fill this mouse with lavender. Then it's not nearly as bad to have mice in the house!!

But these mice are also very suitable to hang on a bunch of keys or bag! Crochet a lot of them, fun to hand out at a birthday party!


Tip: Do you know a cheese lover? A small cheese plate with such a super nice crocheted mouse is a great gift!

6 Crochet a nice tea gift bag for the tea lover

You make a tea lover very happy with this small crocheted tea gift bag. Crochet it into the tea drinker's favorite colours and put a bag of tasty tea in it, along with a little chocolate or cookie.


Tip: Buy a nice cup to drink tea from or a more chic cup and saucer. Together with the tea gift bag with tea and tasty chocolates you have a super gift to give!


7 A gift for a kitchen prince(ess)

If you have a little more time, this is a very nice gift: a crocheted strand with garlic!

Someone who likes to cook with fresh ingredients can certainly appreciate this. Find a suitable cutting board in the thrift store, make a braid of sisal rope and attach all the garlic to it! So decorative!!


Tip: Actually, a cutting board with such a beautiful strand of crocheted garlic is enough, but do you still want to do something extra? How about a nice cooking magazine or a small bottle of garlic oil?

8 A pick-me-up and something funny

Can someone use a pick-me-up and something funny? This cute frog lends itself perfectly to that! The base of his body is a cube. Play with different thicknesses of yarn and you can crochet large and small frogs. Wobbly eyes also come in all kinds of sizes and colours and gives the frog something funny!


Tip: Find a nice jar, put some sweets in it. Make a label with this saying: Not All Frogs Will Turn Into Princes Some Will Forever Remain Toads. It makes them smile for sure! You can also crochet the lid and sew the frog on it!


9 At a party there must be a crocheted cake!

If you say party, you say cake or pastry! This Cheese cake is very good for your weight, with few calories! And let's face it, such a crocheted cake is always nice as a gift!

If you crochet it with very thin yarn, you can even make a pendant to put on your keys or bag.


Tip: Crochet some of these delicious cakes and put them together on a glass dish. Or fill a small etagère with these pastries. A bell jar with a crocheted cake underneath is also very special to give!


10 Need a little more spice? Crochet Red Chillies!

This strand with crocheted peppers is just as decorative for the kitchen as the strand with crocheted garlic. Find a nice cutting board, make a braid of sisal rope and sew all the peppers to it. Someone who loves spicy food will be happy with this gift.


Tip: There are a lot of spicy sauces on the market, choose one that looks nice or that you know is hot and give it with this spicy gift! Or how about a bag of seeds to grow your own spicy chillies?


I hope I have given you enough inspiration to crochet nice gifts.

All these small projects can be found under the heading Free Patterns! Which one will you make first?

PS There is a number 11!

Always up to date!! This pocket watch is an ideal gift to hang on a bag or key ring. Give it to someone who sometimes forgets to show up on time, or someone who says they never have time or someone who always forgets the time! A nice gift with a wink and you can create your own time this way!

You can request this free crochet pattern here:

Free crochet Pattern Pocket Watch

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