New Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Discover my latest Amigurumi Creation!


A new amigurumi crochet pattern is coming! Who or what will it be?


I will show you here a number of photos that give a climpse of the new creation, gradually it becomes clear who or what will become the newest member of the CB's Creations family!


I also post these tips and photos on my Instagram and Facebook page. Videos that I show, I link to my Facebook page. Even without a Facebook account you will be able to see these videos.

Glimpse number 1.

Do you know the song Blue Suede Shoes? That always reminds me of a dancing and singing Elvis Presley! But what does that have to do with my latest design...?

Little blue crocheted shoes

Glimpse number 2.

Bells! Not especially Christmas bells, but I think those Christmas bells with the stars look nice! They sound so cute and fun too! Would my latest creation love music...?

Red and silver bells

Glimpse number 3.

Another song that comes to mind: These boots are made for walking! But I'll change it to: These shoes are made for dancing! And he can dance well, especially with these elastic legs!

Glimpse number 4.

You can choose between fluffy yarn and a piece of fake fur for his hair, mustache and beard. Do you already know who or what I am?

fake fur or fluffy yarn

Glimpse number 5.

Pooh, you get tired of that, of all that dancing!

Good answers have already been given to who or what I am! I'm Jiggle, a leprechaun. Together with my brothers I love music and dancing. Now we are resting!

Goblins seen from the back

Glimpse number 6.

Wood and thread, maybe you saw something in yesterday's picture. You can also turn this gnome into a puppet! Without thread and some wooden sticks he is already super fun, but with thread and the puppet wood Goblin Marionette Jiggle can really dance!

In the pattern you will also find a detailed explanation of how to make him into a real puppet.

wood to make a puppet

Strengthen the neck of your crocheted doll!

It must have happened to you too. Did you crochet a beautiful doll, but the neck does not want to stay neatly upright and before you know it she will let her head hang!

I have collected all tips for you to do something about this in my latest blog:

How do I strengthen the neck of my crochet doll?

Strengthen the neck of a crocheted doll

The neck of Jiggle

The head of Goblin Marionette Jiggle stays upright through the string, which is handy!

If you crochet Leprechaun Jiggle without strings, these tips are also useful! Soon you can see Jiggle in action!

Goblin Jiggle sitting

Jiggle in action!

Below you can find the link of the Facebook video to see how well Gnome Jiggle can dance. Even without a Facebook account you can see him dance!


You can already order Jiggle!

Goblin Jiggle, as a puppet, crochet pattern


You can now order the pattern of this dancing gnome Jiggle.


amigurumi crochet pattern Jiggle