Part of the Polar Bear Family, PDF


Amigurumi Crochet Pattern of  2 of the 3 polar bears of the family of polar bears

Part of the family of polar bears


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You can choose from the following combinations of crochet patterns:

Je kunt kiezen uit de volgende combinaties van haakpatronen:

IJsbrand & Nordine


IJsbrand & Snow


Snow & Nordine


Yeah, snow! Playing with the sledge or go ice skating! But Nordine is a bit cold! That's why she dresses thickly! IJsbrand the Bear is also completely crazy about snow, but he also sticks warmly so as not to get cold. Polar bear Snow sits comfortably in his sledge and can be pushed anywhere.

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Used materials for IJsbrand, Nordine and/or Snow:

You can use any yarn you want for this crochet pattern. If you use thicker or thinner yarn, this family of Polar Bears will become slightly larger or smaller. Below is a small summary of the materials I used for IJsbrand, Nordine and Snow. Look for the extensive list of materials under the separate patterns.

  • IJsbrand: Zeeman Royal Acrylic yarn, white: 71gram
  • Zeeman Royal for clothing, Brown (shoes): 13gram, Dark blue (pants): 19gram, Mixed blue (hat, scarf and mittens): 40gram, Mustard colour (jacket): 36gram,

IJsbrand the Bear is 33 cm tall.

  • Nordine: Zeeman Royal Acrylic yarn, white: 71gram
  • Zeeman Royal for the clothing: Bordeaux (shoes, jacket): 52gram, Dark blue (dress): 36gram, Mustard colour (hat, scarf and mittens): 30gram

Nordine the Bear is 32 cm tall.

  • Snow: Zeeman Royal (100% Acrylic). White for the bear, used: 45gram
  • Light brown for the sledge, used: 60gram. Dark brown for the sledge, used: 35gram.
  • Clothing: Ochre used: 18gram, Blue used: 22gram and Bordeaux used: 22gram

Polar bear Snow is 18 cm tall.


Clearly written PDF Crochet pattern

With these PDF crochet patterns you can crochet Little Polar Bear Snow, Nordine and/or IJsbrand yourself! This 13, 9 and 9-page PDF contains detailed clear crochet instructions that are explained with photos, including extensive information about the materials used and the crochet stitches used and their abbreviations. US terminology and abbreviations of stitches are used. Whether you have just mastered the basic stitches as a beginner or if you are more experienced. If you know how to make a Magic Ring, a Single Crochet, a Slip Stitch and a Chain, then you can crochet this amazing creation yourself. If you get stuck with a certain part of the pattern, then I'm just a message away! I would like to help you to make a creation together with you to be proud of!


Sending the pattern

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Polar Bears Family

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