How to strengthen the neck of a crocheted doll?

Published on 27 August 2023 at 12:26
neck of a crocheted doll

How do I strengthen the neck of my crocheted doll? 


As an avid crocheter, it's probably happened to you; Did you crochet a nice amigurumi doll and in no time the head spontaneously falls forward or backward. Such a shame, because such a wobble head ensures that you are not satisfied with the beautiful crochet work you have just made. Everything looks good, the head itself, the hair, the clothes, but that neck! Argh! But don't throw your creation into a corner just yet, because this problem can be solved!  


Heavy haircut?

It is of course also very possible that the crocheted hair of your doll is much too heavy for the neck of the doll. There is so much weight on her head that she becomes top heavy. Then you could choose a different hairstyle, but if we can solve it by making her neck firmer, then we will try that first!

Linnette with some heavy hair

I have some solutions for you that you could try out. Before you strengthen the neck of your crochet creation, it is wise to first answer the following questions for yourself:


Is the crocheted doll or critter for small children to play with or is it for decoration? Does the doll or animal have to be washable?


If your crocheted creation is for small children and needs to be washable, then it is not wise to reinforce a doll's neck with iron wire, but with what? Here are a few ideas for you:


Crocheted roll for the neck

The most convenient solution is to crochet a small roll, which fits well in the neck, of the yarn with which you crochet your doll. Fill it firmly and put it on the neck of the doll. In the Dutch crochet world it is often called a sausage, but in America they call it to crochet an extra arm. I think that the Dutch name sounds better. ;)


Example: If the neck of your creation is 12 stitches in size, you start with an MR of 6SC, the next round you crochet 2SC in each SC (in total 12SC). From there you crochet 12SC per round, until the sausage is long enough for the neck. Fill the sausage firmly and crochet the last round every 2SC together. Fill up further, sew closed and put the sausage on the neck.

Put a paint roller in the neck

If your creation is slightly larger, a small and thin paint roller will also fit in the neck. These reinforce very well and can also be used in the washing machine. I once tested it on a crocheted giraffe. It worked really well.

put a paint roller in the neck

Your crocheted doll or animal as decoration?

If your crocheted animal or doll is intended more as decoration, you can of course use the above solutions to strengthen a neck, but there are even more solutions!


A hair papillot/hair curler as reinforcement

A plastic hair papillot of hair curler is also ideal as a reinforcement in the neck. Often they already have the right thickness. In the papillot there is a piece of iron wire that you can easily take out. After that, you can cut the hair curler to size and put it on the neck.

plastic hair curler
pinocchio with hair curler in neck

Do you like these tips so far?

In the Stories of Franklin I'll keep you updated for more crochet tips! You even get the crochet pattern of his pocket watch for free! Just subcribe for The Story of Franklin!!

Iron wire or electrical wire to make the neck stronger

You can use both of them. I myself prefer to use electricity wire for the body or neck because there is a protective layer around it. From thin iron wire or binding wire I make a frame for the hands and fingers. From the thicker electrical wire I make a frame for the arms, legs and or the whole body.  Often I twist the wire from the arms in the body and bend it upwards, so that the head can come on here and you have also created a firm neck.


You can also only put a piece of wire in the neck for reinforcement.

electrical wire to strengthen the neck
Funny Girl with wire inside
Wick with wire in neck
Funny girl clown, crochet pattern
Wick, candle crochet pattern

Other solutions to strengthen the neck of your crocheted creation:

You can think of:

a chenille thread

a skewer,

a piece of a chopstick or other type of stick,

a piece of rolled placemat or thick cardboard.

A piece of rolled up felt

Here too you have to take into account whether someone is going to play with it or not.


You can also use a plastic placemat very well to put as a sole in a shoe or foot. Or as the bottom of a body, for example. In short, in any place where you can use some reinforcement in your doll.


Vince the Scarecrow has a stick in his neck, The Witches have chenille wire to help the neck stay firm.

Use a stick to have a firm neck
Vince the Scarecrow, crochet pattern
Halloween witches and cat

Do you have any other useful tips to strengthen a neck of a crocheted doll? Post it in the comment and I'll make sure the tip is included in this blog!


Have you seen a creation you want to crochet for yourself? All amigurumi crochet patterns can be found here:

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