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Fluffy Yarn: Yes or No?

Published on 29 June 2021 at 10:37

Fluffy Yarn

Yarn Topics: Fluffy Yarn: Yes or No?

I always ask you the Yarn Topics questions, let me answer them myself!


So... Fluffy yarn: Yes or No?


Yes!! To crochet with!

For me, yes! Super fun yarn to crochet with. I know you don't always see it right, but if you crochet with fluffy yarn more often, you can also feel where to insert your hook.

I also regularly use a lot of stitch markers if I want to follow the number of stitches very precisely. It is important that you use a thicker crochet hook and that you do not want to crochet too tightly.


The advantage of fluffy yarn is that you can smuggle a little with it, you won’t notice it!


Pedr the Viking

Hair, beards and fake fur!


I use fluffy yarn in multiple patterns, not only to make hair, as with Ferre and Wick, but also to make beards, as with Pedr the Viking.

But how about a fake fur or cardigan made of fluffy yarn like Xander Neander or Ent? Or fluffy legs, like Alwin's? Alwin's legs are crocheted with cotton yarn first, all in back loops only, then the leg is crocheted with fluffy yarn.

But you can also use fluffy yarn as hair, by tying strands of fluffy yarn, then you don't have to crochet with it and you still get a nice hairstyle, as with Victoria.


The biggest challenge to crochet with fluffy yarn is Gene the Raccoon. This one is crocheted only with furry yarn, without crocheting with cotton yarn first. But isn't he sweet?!


Xander Neander
Alwin Oakleaf
Gene the Raccoon



Yes!! To collect!

I have a soft spot for fluffy yarn. It's so nice to watch and so nice and soft! If I see fluffy yarn on sale, I have to buy it! I have a large collection. But I always have yarn to create a nice wig for a creation.


What about you? Are you also a fluffy yarn collector?


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