Finishing Crochetwork...

Published on 25 July 2021 at 09:30
Finishing crochetwork

Finishing Crochetwork...

Have you ever not finished a crochetwork?

I always ask you the Yarn Topics questions, let me answer them myself!


Have I ever not finished a crochetwork?


Yes!! Of course I'd say!

But there aren't many of them. Or are there?

Let's think about it! I've got some packages lying around, I've got them as a present and I've bought them myself, which I didn't finish. That's how I got a lobster that only has a piece of its body.

I also have the Crocheting for Dummies package. The little guy only has his head, but he already has eyes, ears and a nose!

Yes, and then I bought the some yarn packages from Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I replaced the yarn in it with cotton and I crocheted Minnie Mouse completely, just not Mickey yet. I haven't started yet. So he falls under a different category: Still to be done.

Dummies Crochet
Minnie Mouse

I mostly take a pattern of another designer with me on holiday. There are 2 small Pennywise Clowns, the old and the new version, to finish. Combing the hair takes quite a lot of time. But honestly, they're not finished yet.


Speaking of holidays... I sometimes create a new design on holiday. I came across some nice skeins of cotton and, between all trips, I designed the crocheted version of my wooden Pinocchio.



But what I do have a lot of are try-outs! Loose arms, legs, cardigans, flowers, cooking pots etc. All to see if the pattern I have in my head wants to crawl out of my crochet hook like I want to. Sometimes it works out well and sometimes it takes a little longer.

Sometimes I try something out and suddenly I get a nice idea for a different design. That happens sometimes, too.

You know, the craziest shapes are fun as a hat! At least I think so!



I think I'll see if I can finish something in the coming holiday, or will I start a new crochetwork....


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