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Free crochet pattern Red Chili

Free crochet pattern red chili

Free Crochet Pattern Red Chili


It is not only fun to transform amigurumi crochet patterns into fun decorations, but also to design other creations that are very decorative.

A while back I crocheted a strand of garlic and hung it on a wooden board, now I have crocheted a strand of red chilipeppers!


This is not only a nice item for your own kitchen, but also very suitable to give as a gift. Anyone who loves to cook can certainly appreciate this beautiful gift. Especially someone who loves spicy food!


Request the free crochet pattern of this red chili pepper below.

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Chef Antoine

Chef Antoine knows what to do with these chili’s. When his cake is in the oven, he's probably going to start the Chili con Carne for tonight. Of course, there is a chili in there!

Making Chili con Carne with Chef Antoine, crochet pattern

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