Free crochet pattern Garlic

Free crochet pattern garlic bulb

Crochet pattern Garlic to make a strand of garlic


This strand of garlic will be a nice addition to your kitchen! Find a nice wooden cutting board, make a braid of sisal rope and crochet some garlic bulbs.

These garlic bulbs are crocheted with cotton yarn.


This is not only a nice item for your own kitchen, but also very suitable to give as a gift. Anyone who loves to cook can certainly appreciate this beautiful gift.


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Chef Antoine

You probably already knew that he is good at baking all kinds of delicious cakes and cookies!

But he also makes many more dishes. Often he uses garlic in a dish!

Do you know that garlic is very healthy? It contains vitamins and minerals! And if your tablemates also eat garlic, then that smell is not so noticeable.

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