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Free crochet pattern Frog

Free crochet pattern Little green frog

Free crochet pattern Crog the Frog

This cute little frog has a cube body. 

Used Materials:

Little bit of green acrylic Yarn

A little bit of red yarn

Crochet hook 4.0

Scissors, needle, stitch marker


Textile glue

Wobbly eyes

Used stitches and US abbreviations:

MR: Magical Ring

SC: Single Crochet

2SC in 1SC: increase

3SC in 1SC: increase

2SC together: decrease

3SC together: decrease


Rnd 1. 4SC in MR (4)

Rnd 2. 3SC in every SC (12)

Rnd 3. 1SC, (3SC in 1SC, 2SC) 3x, 3SC in 1SC, 1SC (20)

Rnd 4. 2SC, (3SC in 1SC, 4SC 3x, 3SC in 1SC, 2SC (28)

Rnd 5. Back loops only: 28SC (28)

Rnd 6 – 11. 28SC (28)

Rnd 12. Back loops only: 3SC, (3SC together, 4SC)3x, 3SC together, 1SC (20)

Rnd 13. 2SC, (3SC together, 2SC) 3x, 3SC together (12)

Stuff cube

Rnd 14. (3SC together) 4x (4)

Fasten off and close.



Rnd 1. 5SC in MR (5)

Rnd 2. 2SC in every SC (10)

Rnd 3. (1SC, 2SC in 1SC) 5x (15)

Rnd 4 – 5. 15SC  (15)

Rnd 6. (1SC, 2SC together) 5x (10)

Stuff the eyes.

Rnd 7. (2SC together) 5x  (5)

Fasten off and close.

Sew the eyes on the cube and glue the eyes on it.


Frog-legs (make 2)

Every leg has 3 toes. Do not fasten off the last toe.

I did not stuff the legs.

Rnd 1. 5SC in MR (5)

Rnd 2 – 4. 5SC (5)

Repeat this 2 times

Crocheting together:

Rnd 5. Toe 3: 2SC, Toe 2: 2SC, Toe 1: 5SC, Toe 2: 3SC, Toe 3: 3SC (15)

Rnd 6. (1SC, 2SC together) 5x (10)

Rnd 7 – 8. 10SC (10)

Flatten and close with 5SC.

Fasten off and sew under the cube.


Take some red yarn and embroider a nice smile on your frog!

© 2017 Claudia Bierau This pattern (or parts of it) may not be sold, copied, shared, used for own patterns or published! You may of course publish pictures of your finished crochet work and sell your finished crochet work, when mentioning the designer!


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